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Virtus Dynamica Chemical Engineering Student Award 2014

MYNAH Technologies is honored to be the sponsor of the Virtus Dynamica Chemical Engineering Student Award at Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of MIssouri, Columbia, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Todd Jaco, MYNAH Technologies, Clayton Burback, MS&T, William Weaver, Wash U, and Mart Berutti, MYNAH Technologies

At the meeting of the St. Louis section last night, Todd Jaco, MYNAH Simulation Project Engineer and local chapter AIChE officer, and myself, presented this award to the 2014 winners.  In this company of the St. Louis chemical engineering community we had a chance to reflect on the chemical engineering profession and the current status of the North American process industry.  

The future of the industry is sumarized well in an excerpt from the March 2014 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress.  The article by Terry McMahon, in the Process Automation Corner states:

“The ACC anticipates that net exports of chemical products will exceed $35 billion late in this decade, up from less than $3 billion last year. If pharmaceutical production could be reshored, net exports would be even larger. Current trends toward continuous pharmaceutical production could expedite the reshoring process.”

By now, everyone in the US should understand that we are in the midst of an energy renaissance unlike any we have experienced before.  The consequences of the shale gas and tight oil boom are significant but the impact on the US Chemical Market is amazing.  At MYNAH we have even recently worked on Ammonia plant and Methanol plant projects where the process units were cut apart in developing countries and moved to the US.  That is a phenomenon I have never seen before in my 30 years as a chemical engineer.  But according to the American Chemical Council it is only beginning!  Just think … chemical exports growing more than 10x before 2020!

If one word can describe the chemical and process industries it is DYNAMIC.   And the good news for chemical engineers, young and old, this renaissance of the North American process industries, means lots of opportunities.  Industry needs more chemical engineers to support this growth and we need more chemical engineers at MYNAH Technologies.

At MYNAH, our mission is to improve the safety, reliability, and performance of process plants.  We do this by delivering Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation that provides significant business benefits for greenfield capital investments and brownfield operational excellence initiatives.  Using our MiMiC Simulation Software, process plants can train operators, improve the performance of their automation systems, and evaluate operational improvements without impacting their running plants.  To deliver this value to the process industries, we employ chemical engineers and we will need many more in the future.

The role of the chemical engineering departments in our local universities is essential to equip this next generation of “captains of industry”.  We need these departments to grow and succeed if they are going to supply men and women to be future leaders in our companies. 

We are very proud to sponsor the Virtus Dynamica Chemical Engineering Student Award at our three local Chemical Engineering Departments, Missouri S&T, Mizzou, and Wash U.  The award goes to the chemical engineering student with the highest overall GPA as a senior in each universities program, hence the Virtus, latin for excellence.  Dynamica because MYNAH is a provider of dynamic simulation technology and we work in a very dynamic, exciting industry.  The recipients for the award  in 2014 are:

  • Clayton Buback, Missouri University of Science and Technology.  Clayton will graduate in May with a 3.947 GPA.  He will continue on to medical school in the fall at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.
  • William Weaver, Washington University in St. Louis.  William will graduate in May with a 3.86 GPA.  He will begin work this summer as a process engineer at Flint Hills Resources in the Houston area.
  • Corey Staller, University of Missouri, Columbia.  Corey will graduate in May with a 3.7 GPA.  He will continue in school, pursueing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin.

On behalf of MYNAH Technologies, we want to thank AIChE for allowing us to sponsor this award and congratulate our three recipients for 2014.

I look forward to your comments, questions, or suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mart Berutti, 04/24/14

Martin Berutti
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Martin Berutti is the President and COO of MYNAH Technologies. Areas of expertise include process simulation, control system and network design, and information integration. Martin has been with MYNAH and Experitec (parent company of MYNAH) for over 19 years and has held positions of Systems Engineer, Performance Consultant, Project Manager, Director, Performance Technology, and Business Director. Previous employers included Fisher Controls, Rosemount, and Applied Automation. Mart has a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla.

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