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Understanding the Essentials of Dynamic Simulation

The editors of Control have published a great resource for the operations manager ready to invest in an operator training system or automation development system, An Essentials Guide to Dynamic Simulation.   

With the new dawn of the process industry, it's time to apply dynamic simulation for operational improvement.

The value of using dynamic simulation in the process industries has been proven time after time.  But not everyone is using a dynamic simulator who would benefit from one. Why don’t all process plants have a dynamic simulator?  A key reason is that many simulation software providers do not address the needs of operations in process plants.  The user then has to settle for incorrect technology decisions or project implementation methods that result in costly investments with deficient life cycle returns.  Essentials of Dynamic Simulation provides a concise guide to technology and implementation decisions for this important technology.  

The editors of Control expound upon essential topics for consideration including:

  • Life cycle application approach
  • How to evaluate process modeling methods
  • Best practices for solution implementation
  • Typical return on investment of dynamic simulation solutions 

Our thanks to Keith Larson, Paul Studebaker, and the Control editorial team for publishing this guide to the application of this valuable technology.

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Mart Berutti, 03/28/14

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Martin Berutti is the President and COO of MYNAH Technologies. Areas of expertise include process simulation, control system and network design, and information integration. Martin has been with MYNAH and Experitec (parent company of MYNAH) for over 19 years and has held positions of Systems Engineer, Performance Consultant, Project Manager, Director, Performance Technology, and Business Director. Previous employers included Fisher Controls, Rosemount, and Applied Automation. Mart has a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla.

We are still recovering here at MYNAH from Emerson Exchange 2010 last week, September 27th to October 1st, in San Antonio, Texas.

Jim Montague, Control Magazine, recently posted an interesting article for the September 2010 issue, entitled Simulation Breaks Out.

We hope to see you at Emerson Exchange 2010, September 27 to October 1, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas.

In choosing a dynamic simulator for operator training systems, how does the user determine the level of simulation accuracy needed?

Emerson Educational Services has announced another on-line Virtual Training Course for MiMiC, starting August 31, 2010.

We are proud of our long term relationship with Schneider Electric, as their dynamic process simulation partner for operator training and control system testing.

The MYNAH Technologies Quality Management Process is a key element of our success and growth.

How does the user define the level of simulation fidelity required to train operators or test control strategies?

Control Magazine 2010 Reader's Choice Awards are published and the readers of Control like MiMiC. MYNAH Technologies was listed third under the simulation software category.

In the December 2009 issue of Chemical Processing, David Strohbar of Beville Engineering and Danyele Harris-Thompson of Klein Associates, outline st


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