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Improving Mine Operations with Dynamic Simulation

The value of life cycle dynamic simulation for the mining industry is changing.  MYNAH, in partnership with Portage Technologies, is introducing an easier solution for delivering operations results in the Mimic Mining Advanced Modeling Objects.

The mining company of 2015 is a complex, global operation.  Operations managers are stretched thin with investments in mines and mills in remote locations where finding qualified operators is difficult, if not impossible.  With the flucuation in metals commodity pricing, time to market is critical.  A couple months delay can significantly effect return on investment in new mining assets.  Mining has all the characteristics of an industry that could profit from Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic.  But the simulation and modeling needs of a mine are different from a chemical plant.

MYNAH stumbled into a very high profile mining dynamic simulation project several years ago.  Thanks to the efforts of a great business partner, Lakeside Controls, an all star customer team, and our MYNAH project execution team, it ended up a huge success.  You can read all about how  Barrick- Pueblo Viejo in the Dominican Republic used Mimic to save time and money on the startup of the largest gold mine in the world in Striking Gold With the Virtual Plant.  However, we were going to need to find some mining expertise if we were going to repeat this success.

We found that expertise in our partnership with Portage Technologies, headquartered in Toronto.  Portage, under the leadership of their president Michael Schaffer, provides operations solutions for the mining and mineral processing industry.  The Portage Team consists of consultants that have significant experience in the metals and mining operations environment.  In addition to the headquarters in Toronto, Portage has offices in Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Australia.  Working with Portage we have executed now four additional mining projects with great success.  And we are releasing in Mimic v3.6, the Mimic Mining Advanced Modeling Objects library, developed in consultation with our partners at Portage.

Front end grinding and crushing circuit dynamic simulation is easily built by MYNAH and Portage in Mimic.

The Mimic Mining Advanced Modeling Objects are an extension to the Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects License that adds sophisticated modeling objects into the Mimic Simulation Studio modeling palette. This solution is designed for Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation in the Mining industry.   The Mining Advanced Modeling Objects provide high-fidelity dynamic models for unit operations commonly found in mineral processing plants as well as particle size distribution tracking and tunable breakage matrixes for communition operations.  These models use a combination of proven first-principle modeling methods as well as statistically grounded matrix operations for solving communition and mechanical characteristics of the installed mill equipment.  

Sarthak Kaushik, Mining Operations Consultant at Portage, and Michael Schaffer, President of Portage, demonstrated the value of this library and the MYNAH/Portage partnership in their presentation, "Training Operators for Today's Concentrator" at COM 2014, Conference of Metallurgists.  The paper is an essential read for anyone who wants to reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of today's mining concentrator.

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Martin Berutti is the President and COO of MYNAH Technologies. Areas of expertise include process simulation, control system and network design, and information integration. Martin has been with MYNAH and Experitec (parent company of MYNAH) for over 19 years and has held positions of Systems Engineer, Performance Consultant, Project Manager, Director, Performance Technology, and Business Director. Previous employers included Fisher Controls, Rosemount, and Applied Automation. Mart has a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla.

Thursday,  Feb 3, 2011: MYNAH is open again.  The storm has passed and luckily St. Louis missed the worst of it.  

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MYNAH Technologies' office will be closed December 24, 27, and 31st.  We will open again after the holidays on Monday, January 3rd.  

On October 4th, Greg McMillan was awarded ISA's 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award.

It's not too late to register for Simulation with Mimic Course 7041, starting October 18, 2010, at Emerson Educational Services in Austin, Texas.

We are still recovering here at MYNAH from Emerson Exchange 2010 last week, September 27th to October 1st, in San Antonio, Texas.

Jim Montague, Control Magazine, recently posted an interesting article for the September 2010 issue, entitled Simulation Breaks Out.

We hope to see you at Emerson Exchange 2010, September 27 to October 1, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas.

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