Mimic Ethernet/IP SIO Driver

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  • The Mimic Ethernet/IP SIO Driver provides real-time IO signal simulation for Rockwell PLCs that support the Ethernet/IP protocol.

    This Simulated IO (SIO) Driver provides a real-time IO register simulation for Rockwell PLCs that supports the Ethernet/IP protocol. It has been optimized to provide excellent IO and process simulation performance for Rockwell PLCs. Ethernet/IP registers are allocated in the Ethernet/IP SIO definition in Mimic Explorer to SIO Tags. Those SIO Tags are then directly used in Mimic simulation models.

    Simulated IO definitions are easily built in the Mimic Explorer. The graphical, intuitive user interface allows easy development and modification of the SIO definition. The user has the ability to view his SIO configuration by the native IO structures as they exist in the PLC.

    Ethernet/IP Simulated IO definition in Mimic Explorer

    Optimized for Use with Rockwell PLCs

    The Ethernet/IP SIO Driver provides an easy-to-use, high-performance simulation interface for Rockwell PLCs. Features of the SIO Driver include:

    • Full read/write access to Logix Global Tags.
    • Full read/write access to N, F, I, and O Tables.
    • Supports unconnected DF1 Ethernet/IP messaging. MYNAH Technologies is a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association, www.odva.org.
    • Supports use of Rockwell 1761-NET-ENI, Ethernet/IP to DF1 Bridge, for PLCs that do not support native Ethernet/IP.
    • Fully tested and supported with ControlLogix, PLC5, SLC505, and other Rockwell PLCs.

    Mimic Flexibility Supports Rockwell PLC Training and Testing Systems

    The Ethernet/IP Driver supports systems that are intended for team or individual operator training or application software testing environments. Connections from the Mimic station to Rockwell PLCs are over a high-speed Ethernet for all systems.

    Rockwell PLCs with Mimic Simulation


    Logix TagBrowser Utility

    The Logix TagBrowser allows the user to export a Logix5000 file (LK5 format) and generate Mimic SIO Tags and Base Models of the Logix Global Tags as the user dictates.

    Mimic Logix Tagbrowser configuration utility

    Ordering Information

    The Ethernet/IP SIO Driver can be purchased with a Mimic base system license or added to any Mimic system current on Mimic Software Support.

    Ethernet/IP SIO Driver


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