DeltaV Simulate OPC Driver Memory Leak

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  • This technical note describes a memory leak issue with the DeltaV Simulate OPC Driver for Mimic 3.3.0.

    The Mimic OPC Bridge service in version 3.3.0 has an issue when performing asynchronous writes.  On each write, it will leak a small amount of memory.  Reads (OnDataChange callbacks) are not affected by this issue. Mimic versions prior to 3.3.0 do not have this issue. The issue has been corrected in Mimic 3.3.1.

    In addition to that, if any version of Mimic is connected to a DeltaV OPC server from DeltaV 10.3.x, the Mimic OPC Bridge service will appear to leak memory.  If the Mimic version is not 3.3.0, then the fix suggested in Emerson Knowledge Base Article AK-1000-0038 should be applied.

    The hotfix in the article should be installed on the computer running Mimic, even if the DeltaV OPC server is on a separate computer.  If Mimic is installed on a DeltaV Workstation, then the hotfix for DeltaV systems only needs to be applied to the workstation with Mimic installed. If Mimic is not installed on a DeltaV Workstation, then the hotfix for non-DeltaV systems should be installed on the Mimic computer.

    Mimic OPC Bridge Leak

    Affected System: Mimic 3.3.0 using the any of the OPC based IO drivers

    Solution: Install Mimic 3.3.1 or later

    Mimic OPC Bridge Leak for DeltaV 10.3

    Affected System: Any Mimic version connecting to a DeltaV 10.3 OPC server

    Solution: Install appropriate Emerson hotfix from AK-1000-0038

    Mimic OPC Bridge Leak for Mimic 3.3.0 connecting via OPC to DeltaV 10.3

    Affected System: Mimic 3.3.0 and DeltaV 10.3

    Solution:  Install Mimic 3.3.1 or later and appropriate Emerson hotfix AK-1000-0038

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