Simulation VIM Flash Migrate Procedure to I/O VIM

  • Product Family: DeltaV Virtual IO Module
  • Category: Technical Notes
  • SKU: IOD-4101, IOD-4102, IOD-4104, IOD-4105
  • This flash migrate procedure is for migrating Simulation VIM’s to I/O VIM using VIMNet Explorer v9.1.4.33 or later. For redundant applications, two VIMs with the same firmware version must be used.

    If the user is installing the simplex VIM but intends to use redundant VIMs in future it is important to plan ahead for the configuration changes. The transition can be very smooth and simple if some steps and considerations are taken ahead of time and best practices are followed.

    Note: If the current firmware version is v2.2.0 or earlier, please contact Mynah Technical Support for instructions on how to upgrade to the latest firmware.

    • Upgrade VimNet Explorer to v9.1.4.33 or later

      1. Open “VimNet Explorer”
        • Start->Mynah->VimNet Explorer
        • If an existing configuration exists?
        • Save the Current configuration to a known location
          • File->Save As
      2. Close “VimNet Explorer”
      3. Open “Windows Add/Remove Programs”
        • Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs
      4. Select VimNet to Uninstall it from the system
      5. Close Windows Add/Remove Programs
      6. Open “VimNet_9.1.4.33.msi” – The wizard will guide you through the install.
    • Flash Migrate Simulation VIM

      1. Open “VimNet Explorer”
        • Start->Mynah->VimNet Explorer
        • The previous configuration should load and you are ready to flash upgrade
        • If configuration does not load please open from saved location
          • File->Open and search for a file that ends in .VIO
      2. Right-click Simulation Net and select "New Simulation VIM"
      3. Assign a name, IP address and Submask on the same network as VIMNet, leave the check boxes unchecked, and press OK.
      4. Right-click on the newly created VIM placeholder and select Commission.
      5. Locate the correct VIM  in the Decommissioned VIMs list, the VIM may be identified by the Flash Lights radio button. Double check if the IP address is available by pressing the "Ping" button.  If the address is available select the VIM and press OK.
      6. When the VIM appears active (active LED on the front is on), again right-click the VIM placeholder and select Properties.
      7. Click the "Flash Upgrade" button. 
      8. Once prompted browse to the latest I/O VIM hex file
        • If you do not have this file it can be downloaded from your MYNAH My Account
        • Also if you are not able to downlod it, the file can be provided to you by opening a support ticket with VIM Serial Number or Mynah Site ID
        • To Open a Support Ticket visit:
      9. Wait for flash to complete
      10. Once completed the VIM will decommission itself.
        • Upon Physical inspection only the Power LED will be on and the Network LED will be flashing
      11. At this time the place holder will show commissioned for the VIM but the actual VIM will be decommissioned.
      12. Go ahead and decommission the VIM placeholder
        • Right Click on VIM placeholder and Select Decommission

    The Simulation VIM has been migrated to an I/O VIM based on the hex file used in the process above, please complete this procedure for all additional VIMs as necesssary.

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