Mimic Simulation Software

MiMiC Simulation Software

Mimic Simulation Software

Dynamic Simulation for Automation System Software Acceptance Testing and Operator Training.

The new standard for process automation projects worldwide –
dynamic, powerful, easy-to-use.

Proven technology to reduce the risk and improve the return of process automation investments.

Mimic Simulation Software is unique among all other simulation products because…

Mimic is Built for Software Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Operator Training Systems (OTS).  Mimic Simulated IO system is non-intrusive to the off-line control system , allowing the user to minimize or eliminate changes to his control system configuration.  Mimic is designed to protect the integrity of the control system.  Mimic’s Operator training management system allows the user to build structured, measurable, recordable operator training sessions.

Mimic is Easy To Use.  It was designed for use by the end-user or integrator with process automation experience, not simulation experts.  Integration with the off-line control system is simple and automatic with Mimic.  Mimic simulation utilities generate a starting simulation from the off-line control system database.
Mimic is Flexible, Powerful and Dynamic.  Mimic can be scaled from very small to very large simulations with the same software license. Model fidelity can be selectively applied, depending upon the requirements of the process and the training or testing objectives.  Mimic is a dynamic simulator.  Modeling functions and objects in Mimic are designed to give accurate, dynamic simulations for a realistic plant experience at the off-line control system operator station.



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