2013: A Year in Review
By Noelle Weymer on 12.21.13

Here we are again, wrapping up another year. I can't believe 2013 is about to come to a close. It's that time of year when you start to look back and reflect on what you have accomplished over the past year.

Here at MYNAH, we look back with no regrets..maybe exhaustion, but no regrets! 2013 was a whirlwind of a year full of hard work, success, growth and of course, a lot of fun!

2013 in Summary:

New Staff:

To keep up with demand, we brought on 16 new staff members in 2013:

Full Time:

Jay Chard- Application Engineer
Todd Jaco- Simulation Project Engineer
Zach Sample- Simulation Project Engineer
Allison Schmitz- Support Associate
Aimee Ubriaco- Education & Training Coordinator
Matt Welsh- Application Engineer


Andrew Alseth- Simulation Project Intern
Adam Drees- Simulation Project Co-Op
Eric Mortiz- Simulation Project Intern
Kevin O’Leary- Marketing Intern
Tony Sabatini- Product Development Intern
Tim Schieffer- Simulation Project Co-Op
Amelia Sipe- Simulation Project Co-Op
Chris Stuart- Simulation Project Co-Op
Wayne Viers- Product Development Co-Op
Marsha Wisely- Simulation Project Co-Op

Conferences & Presentations:

The MYNAH business development team traveled North America, not only exhibiting, but presenting our Mimic Simulation Software solution:

  • Lakeside Process Controls' User Group Meeting: Application Engineer, Spencer Absher, presented "Operator Training Simulator for Operational Excellence".

  • R.E. Mason's User Exchange: Application Engineer, Edin Rakovic, exhibited the Mimic Simulation Software solution.

  • Rockwell Automation's 2013 RSTechED: San Diego, CA The MYNAH team exhibited and Application Engineer, Edin Rakovic, presented "Dynamic Process Simulation for PlantPAx".

  • Emerson Exchange 2013: Grapevine, TX The MYNAH team exhibited and presented the following:
    • Impact of Virtualization on Engineering & Training (Application Engineer, Edin Rakovic)
    • Industrial Process Control Strategy Evaluation & Improvement Using Mimic (Simulation Project Engineer, Pierce Wu)
    • High Fidelity Modeling with Mimic Simulation Software (Application Engineer, Spencer Absher)
    • Meet the Experts: Process Simulation for Testing & Training (President/COO, Mart Berutti)

  • Rockwell Automation Fair 2013: Houston, TX
    The MYNAH team exhibited, sponsored the Rockwell Oil & Gas booth and President/COO, Mart Berutti, presented "Breaking Barriers in Simulation...Advancing the PlantPAx Virtual Plant".

MYNAH's Mart Berutti, Todd Anstine & Edin Rakovic spreading the good word of Mimic at 2013 Rockwell's Automation Fair

In 2014, MYNAH is taking the show on the road to even more conferences and trade shows. Stay tuned to learn more about where to find us!

Simulation Projects Team:

Not even mentioning the open simulation projects this team is currently working on, our project team completed 15 sizeable projects in 2013 in the following industries: Corn Wet-Milling, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Iron Ore, Mining and Chemical.

Application Engineering Team:

On top of finding themselves working on simulation projects, VDS projects and instructing Mimic training courses, our team of 5 Application Engineers closed over 1150 support tickets in 2013. That is one busy department!

Development Team:

Even through all of our questions (or as they may call it nagging) our awesome Development Team released Mimic v3.5 which was a huge release and has some very exciting new features that took Mimic to the next level.

They are now diligently working on releasing Mimic v3.5.1 and 3.5.2 with even more exciting features. (It may even include mining and solids objects, but shhh you didn't hear that from me!)

Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training Course:

As I mentioned in last year's "2012: A Year in Review" blog, we kicked off our Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training course in 2012 with 5 weeks of Mimic training. Well in 2013, our new Education & Training Coordinator took training to a whole new level with 12 week long Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training courses. We now have 128 new Mimic experts running around out there!

2013 Training Locations:

  • 5 in Chesterfield,MO at MYNAH
  • 1 in Sanford, NC
  • 1 in Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • 1 in Vancouver, BC
  • 1 in Calgary, AB
  • 1 in Edmonton, AB
  • 1 in Houston, TX
  • 1 in Cluj, Romania
The MYNAH team hosting the Mimic training students at a St. Louis Cardinals game. Show us your prettiest face!


In the very beginning of 2013, we learned we were awarded 2 prominent awards from 2 of the most influential publications in our industry:

  • 2013 Control Magazine’s Readers Choice Award for Simulation Software
  • 2012 Leadership in Automation Award- First Team for Simulation Software Vendors.

We are very grateful to Control Magazine and Automation World for these awards and everything they do for the process industry!

Holiday Party:

On December 6th, the MYNAH team, along with friends and family, took the time to celebrate and reflect on the past year at our annual Holiday party. President, Mart Berutti, opened the party with some thoughts & reflections over the past year. To read his thoughts he discussed at the party, view his blog here.

The MYNAH team, along with friends & family, at our annual Holiday party.

Moving On Up!

As you may have heard, we have officially outgrown our current office space. As of January 20, 2014, we will be moved into our new digs. Our new address will be:

390 South Woods Mill Road, Suite 100
Chesterfield, MO 63017

We are very proud of this new office, so if you are in the area, we would love to have you come by and visit! Thanks to our VP of Operations, Todd Anstine for spearheading this crazy moving process!

Overall, 2013 has been year of growth and success that we could not have predicted and now we are planning for an even bigger and better 2014! Thanks to all of our clients and partners for an amazing year. we come!

Happy Holidays,

Noelle Hasser
Marketing Manager
MYNAH Technologies