Dynamic Core ... A Revolutionary Approach to Process Modeling
By Martin Berutti on 10.01.15
Mimic Simulation

MYNAH engineers have developed a new approach to delivering dynamic simulation for control system testing and operator training. Dynamic Core delivers high quality simulations for less time and money.

Pierce Wu, Lead Project Engineer, Spencer Absher, Simulation Solution Engineer, Edin Rakovic, Applications Engineering Manager and Adam Drees, Simulation Project Engineer ... the brains behind Dynamic Core for Mimic

It can be scary and a little dangerous when you leave a group of brilliant young engineers on their own to come up with a new technical approach, but sometimes it pays off! Several years ago we were faced with a customer that was planning a roll out of Mimic Dynamic Simulation for all of their plants across North America. The challenging part was that the customer had a lean budget, an aggressive schedule, and the requirement to have the model look the same across all of their plants. Late one afternoon, while working on the simulation standards design with the customer, Spencer Absher had an idea. He talked Edin Rakovic and Pierce Wu into his idea, they worked on a prototype through the night, and presented it to the customer in the morning. The customer loved it, stating, "That is our dynamic simulation standard"! That was the beginning of an unique approach to medium fidelity dynamic simulation we call Dynamic Core. Over the last several years, Pierce Wu, Lead Project Engineer, along with Adam Drees, Simulation Project Engineer, have refined and honed this revolutionary approach to delivering and building dynamic simulation.

Dynamic Core is revolutionary because, unlike other attempts at medium fidelity, it is not a compromised solution. It provides excellent business results and project savings through.

  • A technically superior simulation backbone or core based upon First Principles dynamic process models, using Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects Core License.
  • The ability to easily upgrade to high fidelity modeling for the entire process or key unit operations if needed at a future time.
  • Extremely fast speed of solution delivery supporting compressed project schedules.
  • Very light demands on end user time and process data requirements. A Dynamic Core model can be built from customer P&IDs, IO List, and control narratives.
  • Lightning fast speed of execution supporting maximum life cycle use and benefits.
  • Easy to understand, easy to maintain dynamic process models that reflect the customers P&IDs.
Process models are built upon the technically superior "core" of Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects Core License.

Dynamic Core has been used on dynamic simulation projects from chemical to corn wet milling, pulp and paper, life sciences, and food processing. It is a proven approach that takes advantage of the unique power of Mimic Simulation Software with world class project implementation. If your project budget is tight and your schedule is tighter, you can still get the proven benefits of dynamic simulation. You just need a better approach ... Dynamic Core.

More Information on Dynamic Simulation with Mimic

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Mart Berutti, 10/1/15