Dynamic Simulation in the Cloud
By Martin Berutti on 09.05.12
Mimic Simulation

The future of operator training is here! Dynamic process simulators for operator training and control system development are moving to the cloud. Private cloud implementations allow flexibility and efficiencies in training the next generation of process operators.

MYNAH Enters the Age of Cloud Computing

Over two years ago at MYNAH, we recognized the value and flexibility of cloud based computing and began moving our entire enterprise to take advantage of this new technology. We moved our email, customer support, and business functions to public cloud based system running in world class, secure data centers. At the same time, we began moving our customer project infrastructure, customer support systems, and software development systems to a private cloud infrastructure based upon the same technology that is used in the public cloud. The business results for our organization have been significant. Our cloud implementations have lowered our support costs and time, allowed us to decrease the time required to implement customer projects/support calls, and have made MYNAH a more flexible and agile organization.

Edin Rakovic, MYNAH Application Engineer, at JFK Airport, on the way to Emerson Exchange, Dusseldorf.

Taking the Cloud to All Mimic Users

We were so excited about our progress in the cloud, we had to tell our Mimic users. We now offer consulting and project implementation services to support our customers moving their dynamic simulator to private cloud implementations, calling this technology Virtual Dynamic Simulators. Process plants that incorporate the Virtual Plant, using Mimic Simulation Software, into their control system management and operator effectiveness planning, save time and money (see the Business Case for the VIrtual Plant). Implementation in the Cloud provides additional flexibility, performance and a lower installed cost.

The value of using Mimic Simulation Software for control system testing and operator training are proven and include:

  • Reduction in control system start-ups.
  • Less off-spec product.
  • Less production loss due to unscheduled unit shutdowns.

Moving the entire Virtual Plant, using Mimic , to a private cloud adds the additional benefits of:

  • Lower system hardware requirements.
  • Greater stability of the entire Virtual Plant environment.
  • Greater security of the simulation environment both from external cyber attacks and unwanted tampering.
  • Greater flexibility to train anyone, anywhere and handle multiple control system revisions and system expansions and upgrades.

Upcoming Events to Learn More

To help all Mimic users take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, we will be presenting "Operator Training in the Cloud" at Emerson Exchange 2012 in Anaheim and Rockwell Automation Fair 2012 in Philadelphia. We will cover best practices for the planning and design of dynamic process simulators along with several successful implementions of cloud based training systems. If you are attending either event, we would love to have you join us.

If you can’t make it to either event or are just too excited to wait, we have posted the presentation on our web site. For more information on Virtual Dynamic Simulators, see the resources below.

Other Resources to Review

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Mart Berutti, 09/05/12