Emerson Exchange 2009 - Another great opportunity to learn, share...
By Martin Berutti on 10.20.09
Mimic Simulation

I think we have finally recovered at MYNAH from Emerson Exchange 2009 at the Gaylord Palms, Orlando, September 28 to October 2. Although the attendance numbers were down from last year, there was no less excitement or new ideas shared.  Our MYNAH booth in the technology exhibit area was packed each night. There was a lot of interest in the latest capabilities of Mimic and our plant floor integration products.

Both the workshop and short course we presented were well attended and there were great questions.  A copy of the powerpoint slides used at each is posted below.

  • Building the Virtual Plant for DeltaV, Session ID 9-1245 - In this short course we covered the business benefits, requirements, and steps for building a Virtual DeltaV system with a virtual plant and IO. System architecture, component selection, process model development, and use cases will be covered.View the presentation.
  • Case Studies in Industrial Ethernet Integration for DeltaV, Session ID 2A-1246 - We covered proven methods to integrate PLCs, ESDs, Flow Computers, MCCs, IO systems, and other 3rd party devices to DeltaV using Industrial Ethernet. View the presentation.

A couple friends of MYNAH gave some great presentations as well:

  • Simulation for Factory Acceptance Testing and Operator Training, Session ID 8-1205 - Carla Koritnik and Chad Wood, from Monsanto, Soda Springs, gave an engaging overview of how they used simulation for factory acceptance testing and operator training.  A word of warning: you will get a bad case of system envy when you see their simulation testing and training system.View the presentation.
  • Baseline Maintenance Costs Reduced with DeltaV SimulatePro, Session ID 1-1496 - Bill Sickinger, from Savannah River Remediation, shows how they manage all the simulation systems at the DOE Savannah River Site.  This site manages their simulations as well as anyone we know. I love Bill's comment about "...striving for control system configuration purity". This presentation is packed with best practices.View the presentation.

Larry O'Brien from ARC wrote a complete review of Emerson Exchange 2009.View a summary of Larry's report here. Looking forward to seeing you at Emerson Exchange 2010 in San Antonio.

I look forward to your comments, questions or suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mart Berutti, 10/20/09