Emerson Simulation Holiday Party, Ab Initio 2017
By Martin Berutti on 12.20.17

For the last five years at our annual Holiday Party, we have recognized one special person in the Emerson Simulation business with the Ab Initio Award.

The Emerson Process Simulation Holiday Party this year was held on Friday, December 8, 2017, at Edgewild Restaurant and Winery in Chesterfield, Missouri. As we celebrated another year of blessing at Emerson, I had the honor of introducing new people, acknowledging significant milestones in the lives of our people, and recognizing this very important member of the Emerson Simulation team with the Ab Initio award. It was a very exciting and eventful year since we last met at the MYNAH Technologies 2016 Christmas party. In May 2016, Emerson bought MYNAH, and our team was very busy forming the process simulation center of excellence within Process Systems and Solutions. It was a challenging 6 months, but I have never been more excited about our business or working with this great team of people. The first Emerson Process Simulation Christmas Party was a great opportunity to celebrate the year and thank the associates and their loved ones who joined us that evening.

Emerson Process Simulation Associates and Friends at the 2017 Holiday Party, Edgewild Restaurant and Winery

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Ab Initio 2017

When we talk about impact, of attitude and integrity, of innovation and excellence, there is one person in particular that comes to my mind. I would like to talk about this person for a moment tonight …

In science something is said to be ab initio (AB INISH EE OH) ", Latin for from first principles" if it relies on basic and established laws of nature. As we grow into Emerson there is even more of a need for focus on core values, integrity and innovation, on the spirit of Ab Initio. This person demonstrates this spirit every day. He started his career with us as a coop. It became clear that he could handle every challenge that we asked him to take on. So, when he graduated, we challenged him to join our simulation engineering team. He excelled as a Simulation Project Engineer, moved up to Lead Simulation Engineer, and we asked him to take step up further as our project and resource manager. He does everything really well....except travel well. For some reason he seems to have a hard time taking a trip without getting robbed, his luggage lost, flights missed or delayed, or stuck in a cell in South Africa for weeks on end. Of course, I am talking about Zach Sample. Zach is patient, perseverant, innovative, and very intelligent. Zach has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and just completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He demonstrates impeccable integrity, and I have never seem him with a bad attitude … even when working with some very challenging partners and customers. Zach is a leader of our organization. Someone that I depend upon a lot. I am very glad I met Zach Sample in Rolla, Missouri, several years ago and asked him to join our team. Believe me, that is one decision I will never regret.

My friends, the Emerson Process Simulation Center of Excellence would like to recognize Zachary Sample, Ab Initio 2017.

Zachary Sample, Ab Initio 2017, Emerson Simulation
Todd Anstine, Dave Sextro, Zachary Sample - Ab Initio 2017, Nobin William, Mart Berutti, Sean Sims

Our wish for all the men, women, and friends of Emerson is for a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mart Berutti, 12/20/17