Extending Life Cycle Results to Mineral Processing
By Martin Berutti on 03.11.15
Mimic Simulation

Zach Sample, MYNAH Lead Project Engineer, shows how new advances in Mimic extend the value of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulators to the mining industry.

My friend at Portage Technologies, Michael Schaffer, talks about how the mining industry has an identity issue. In his presentations on challenges in mining (which are a must see) he frequently talks about how innovations in control are focused on petrochemicals and neglect the needs of mining to the frustration of mining users. I am very happy to say that that is not the case at MYNAH! In his presentation given at Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) 2015 Annual Conference, Zach Sample shows how the benefits of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation can be cost-effectively applied to Mining. We talked Zach into giving it for our team at MYNAH and it is now available in our on-line video library, see Lifecycle Dynamic Simulators for the Mineral Processing Industry. Zach has a lot of experience in this field. He has been a model designer and simulation project engineer on three mining projects in the last year. He also was a key contributor and reviewer of the Mimic Mining Advanced Modeling Objects released in v3.6.

The mining company of 2015 is a complex, global operation. Operations managers are stretched thin with investments in mines and mills in remote locations where finding qualified operators is difficult, if not impossible. With the flucuation in metals commodity pricing, time to market is critical. A couple months delay can significantly effect return on investment in new mining assets. Mining has all the characteristics of an industry that could profit from Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic. But the simulation and modeling needs of a mine are different from a chemical plant.

Front end grinding and crushing circuit instructor graphic in Mimic Component Studio.

In Lifecycle Dynamic Simulators for the Mineral Processing Industry Zach shows how the operational benefits of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation can be applied to mining processes as easily as petrochemical plants. Listening to his presentation would be time well spent for a mill operations manager trying to find solutions to the challenges of today's mineral processing facilities.

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Mart Berutti, 03/11/15