Improving Simulator Performance with Mimic v3.6.3
By Martin Berutti on 01.17.17
Mimic Simulation

Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation is a proven technology to improve the operations of process plants. The Mimic v3.6.3 release includes new functionality for better process data viewing and model performance, opening up new benefits to new industries.

Mimic PSD View shows particle size distribution across the dynamic simulation supporting operational improvements of mineral processing plants.

These additions to Mimic in v3.6.3 include new data visualization and modeling functions for solids handling, performance enhancements for all dynamic simulations, and a new Simulated IO Driver for users of Siemens S7 and PCS7 control systems.

Better Mining and Solid Process Simulations

Mimic is a proven solution for delivering high-performance, low cost of ownership for the Mining industry. See Improving Mine Operations with Dynamic Simulation and Extending Life Cycle Results to Mineral Processing. In Mimic v3.6.3 are several enhancements to make Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation for the mining industry easier and more useful. These enhancements were developed in collaboration with our friends at Portage Technologies.

The Mimic enhancements for better mining and solids process include the following in the Mimic Portage Mining Advanced Modeling Objects:

  • High Pressure Grinding Roller (HPGR) support for the Crusher Object.
  • PSD View is a new view that displays P30, P50 and P80 marks for each size distribution in process streams in addition to cumulative size distribution tracking.
  • Rosin-Rammler or Gates-Gaudin-Schuhmann model data configuration has been added to Bin, Flotation Cell, Mill, Settling Tank and Vessel Object.
  • The Mining Advanced Modeling Objects now support speedup/slowdown and all model execution rates including 100 msec.
  • Cyclone Objects function in the Mimic Pressure / Flow Solver. Cyclone cluster size has been increased to 100.

With these enhancements Mimic continues to be the leading solution for dynamic simulation of mining and solids handling processes.

Dynamic Simulation Performance Enhancements

In software development, sometimes the biggest enhancements to support the user experience are "under the hood". In Mimic v3.6.3 there were several "under the hood" optimizations to Mimic streams and pressure/flow solver. The result of these unseen enhancements is a 30% increase in model performance and additional model accuracy, supporting bigger, more complex models. Real-time performance in Mimic improves with the result of greater applications and life cycle benefits.

Other dynamic simulation performance enhancements in Mimic v3.6.3 are:

  • Valve Advanced Modeling Object improvements to support more valve types and provide more realistic mechanical behavior.
  • Vessel Advanced Modeling Object has enhanced mass integration supporting separate liquid and vapor accumulation.
  • Pump Advanced Modeling Object add additional execution types and solution methods resulting in better dynamic performance with less modeling time.
  • Rapid Modeler function block identifies process response type and dynamics quickly allowing better identification of control design and tuning improvements.

Simulated IO Driver for Siemens S7 and PCS7

In Mimic v3.6.3 we enhanced our existing Simulated IO Driver for Siemens, Mimic SPA SIO Driver, to include support for the Siemens SIMIT Simulation Software. Already deployed on several projects globally, this new Simulated IO Driver extends the proven benefits of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic to plants that use the Siemens S7 and PCS7 systems Setup and communication is easy with this SIO Driver. Implementation of this Virtual Dynamic Simulator architecture is proven. This high performance interface even supports integrated process and control system snapshots and system speedup/slowdown using Mimic Operator Training Manager.

Mimic SPA Simulated IO Driver supports Virtual Dynamic Simulator implementations for Siemens S7 and PCS7 systems.

Mimic v3.6.3 was released on December 20, 2016. Mimic users current on Mimic Software Support can upgrade to Mimic v3.6.3 at no additional charge. This release of Mimic improves the performance and usability of dynamic simulation, providing greater life cycle benefits for process plants. The value of dynamic simulation is proven. Mimic v3.6.3 delivers greater business results for less time and money.

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Mart Berutti, 01/17/17

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