Latest Squawk: Last Chance to Register for our Mimic Training Course in December!
By Noelle Weymer on 11.17.11
Mimic Simulation

Final Reminder! Please join us at MYNAH's world headquarters, in Chesterfield, Missouri, from December 5-9, 2011 for Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training Course.

The Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Course starts at 12pm on Monday, December 5th and will finish at 12pm on Friday, December 9th.  This course will provide indepth instruction on the use of Mimic Simulation Software for developing, maintaining dynamic simulations for control system testing and operator training.  

The course will be taught by MYNAH Simulation Consultants, Product Developers and Applications Engineers.

In the Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training Course, we will cover:

  • Getting Started with Mimic: Installation, Validation, Updates, Licensing, Getting Help
  • Mimic Simulated IO System: Understanding, building and using dynamic IO connections to DeltaV, Rockwell, Schneider and other control systems.
  • Mimic Database Generation: Using Mimic Utilities to build a simulation database.
  • Using Mimic: Working in Mimic Explorer, Simulation Studio and Diagnostics.
  • Mimic Views: Viewing and controlling models in Mimic Data View, Trend View and Component Studio.
  • Mimic Operator Training Manager: Building training scenarios, taking process snapshots, developing instructor station graphics.
  • Mimic Test Bench: Automating the control system testing process.
  • Medium Fidelity Modeling: Using Mimic base modeling functions to build medium fidelity dynamic process models.
  • Advanced Modeling: Using Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects to build high fidelity dynamic process models
  • Mimic System Management and Maintenance

Click here to view the day by day course agenda.

The price and model number of the school is shown below.  A seat in the school can be purchased through your local MYNAH sales representative.  

SER-3102 Dynamic Simulation with Mimic
5 Day Course at MYNAH Technologies

See MYNAH Technologies Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or +1.636.728.2036.

We look forward to seeing you all next month!

Best Regards,

Noelle Hasser
Squawker/Marketing Associate
MYNAH Technologies