Latest Squawk: MYNAH at Emerson Exchange 2012, October 8-12- Anaheim, CA
By Noelle Weymer on 08.09.12
Mimic Simulation

Emerson Exchange 2012 is right around the corner and we hope to see you there October 8-12, 2012 in Anaheim, CA!

The MYNAH team will be at booth #504 at the technology exhibit and we will be proudly showing:

MYNAH experts will be presenting the following short courses:

  • Advanced Modeling on the EDGE- Session ID 8-2463
    Demand for Comprehensive Process Simulation is increasing. The ability to provide dynamic process simulation has been established using Mimic Simulation Software. Advanced Modeling on the EDGE provides an Easy to use interface within Dynamic simulation environments using Globally accepted standards for an Economically sound Software Acceptance Testing and Operator Training Systems. From chemical & oil refineries to powerhouses, the use of AMOs has been successfully confirmed as the best approach to achieving a reliable simulation process model.
    • Days & Times: Tuesday, Oct 9th @ 10:00am & Wednesday, Oct 10th @ 3:15pm
    • Presenter: Edin Rakovic, Application Engineer, MYNAH Technologies

  • Operator Training in the Cloud- Session ID 3-2041
    The future of operator training is here! Implementing dynamic process simulations for operator training and control system development is moving to the cloud. Private cloud implementations allow flexibility and efficiencies in training the next generation of process operators. This session will cover several implementations of cloud based training systems and discuss the best practices for the planning and design of dynamic process simulators.
    • Days & Times: Wednesday, Oct 10th @ 2:15pm & Thursday, Oct 11th @ 8:00am
    • Presenters: Mart Berutti, President/COO, MYNAH Technologies

Other workshops about the DeltaV Virtual Plant at Emerson Exchange 2012 are:

  • Simulation For Operator Training- Session ID 3-1974
    The Monsanto, Soda Springs facility has been using a Mimic/DeltaV simulation based training environment for a number of years. Simulation has created an enhanced, cost effective, individualized learning experience for the operators. The development, best practices and benefits of the system will be discussed.
    • Days & Times: Tuesday, Oct 9th @ 10:00am & Thursday, Oct 11th @ 1:15pm
    • Presenters: Chad Wood, Training Program Manager, Monsanto.

  • Meet the Experts: Process Simulation for Testing & Training- Session ID MTE-4014
    We will explore relevant topics concerning the use of dynamic process simulation for control system testing and operator training. This includes best practices for control system testing and validation using dynamic simulation as well as best practices for operator training systems. Dynamic modeling techniques and methods will be explored including tieback and IO modeling, first principle modeling, and empirical modeling. In addition solution architectures and the use of virtualization or cloud computing will be covered
    • Days & Times: Friday, October 12th @ 8:00am & 10:00am
    • Presenters: Gene Abruzere- Manager of Simulation Business Development at Emerson, Martin Berutti- COO/President at MYNAH Technologies, Rick Kephart- Director of Research & Technology at Emerson, Mark O'Rosky, Emerson and Majid Mirshah, GSE Systems, Inc.

If you are attending Emerson Exchange, please drop by our short courses and/or booth #504 and look for Mart Berutti, Todd Anstine, Edin Rakovic or myself. We would love to talk to you about Dynamic Simulation, Industrial Ethernet integration or your plant's specific operational requirements. We are looking forward to seeing you at Emerson Exchange 2012!

Best Regards,

Noelle Hasser
Squawker/Marketing Associate
MYNAH Technologies