Latest Squawk: MYNAH at Emerson Exchange- Stuttgart
By Noelle Weymer on 03.25.14
Mimic Simulation

Emerson Exchange- Stuttgart is just around the corner and we hope to see you next week!

The MYNAH team will be at booth #1 at the Solutions Exhibition, and we will be proudly showing:

Technical Sessions

MYNAH Experts will be presenting the following technical sessions:

  • 2242 - Third Party Integration with DeltaV
    Industrial Ethernet is emerging as the fieldbus of the future for integration of plant floor data in the process industries. Industrial Ethernet networks are being used to connect PlantWeb Systems with PLCs, ESDs, MCCs, Plant-floor HMIs, weigh scales, analyzers, and remote IO.
    Day & Time: Thursday, April 3rd at 8:30am
    Presenters: Edin Rakovic, Applications Engineer Manager & Jake Nichelson, Applications Engineer

  • 2180 - Operators of the Future
    “Seize the future or step aside,” knowledgeable plant operators are in high demand and there is a new generation of operators. They just graduated school. This generation of young academia education operators doesn’t know how to control a plant buy they do know how to play video games. The new generation of “gamers” has challenges operating in the highly automated plants since the role of the operator is different and more difficult. The student is put in a position where he has to monitor a sophisticated system and make decisions about the health of the process and the performance of the system based upon trends and meta-information (information about information). In many cases instead of actively doing something, the operator is put in into a position where he has to review the information presented and make a decision whether he should do something or nothing at all.
    Day & Time: Thursday, April 3rd at 10:35am
    Presenters: Dave Sextro, Vice President of Engineering & Edin Rakovic, Applications Engineer Manager

  • 2223 - Impact of Virtualization on Engineering and Training
    Today’s automation world has a widespread use of virtualization. The industry is utilizing the advantages that virtualization can offer such as speed, flexibility, simplicity, and security. On the other side, there are some common problems that are seen with virtualization. The workshop will cover several real life examples and will provide real perspective impact of virtualization on Engineering and Training.
    Day & Time: Thursday, April 3rd at 11:30am
    Presenters: Edin Rakovic, Applications Engineer Manager & Jake Nichelson, Applications Engineer

If you are attending Emerson Exchange- Stuttgart, please drop by our technical sessions and/or booth #1 and look for Dave Sextro, Edin Rakovic, Jake Nichelson, Spencer Absher or myself. We would love to talk to you about Dynamic Simulation, Industrial Ethernet integration or your plant's specific operational requirements.

See you all in Germany!


Noelle Hasser
Squawker/Marketing Manager
MYNAH Technologies