Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation for Petrochemical Plants
By Martin Berutti on 02.10.16
Mimic Simulation

MYNAH Technologies has released a complete set of Dynamic Simulation Application Packages for the Petrochemical Industry.

The New Petrochemical Industry

The shale gas revolution is driving the renaissance of the chemical and process industries in North America. With low cost natural gas comes low cost feedstock for many chemical compounds. Methane, Ethane, Propane, and Butane are trading at record low prices, providing an economic boost for the chemical industry. The American Chemistry Council released a report in May 2013, predicting capital investment of $72 BB, in over 100 new chemical plant projects, through 2020 in North America. This report claims that this investment will result in 500,000 additional jobs, many in plant operations.

But how will these new chemical plants find and train the operations staff to run them? How will they safely automate or modernize their process investments? How will these plants take advantage of new technology safely and mitigate the very real risks of plant operations? The business case has never been stronger for Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation. At MYNAH, we are committed to providing a platform to address the risks of the new Petrochemical industry and help these plants thrive and prosper.

Methanol is one of the high value, growth process units in the new Petrochemical Industry.

Application Packages for Petrochemical

We began several years ago by delivering a step change in value, reduced life cycle cost, and greater usability for ammonia plant dynamic simulators. This year we extended it to the other petrochemical processes with growing investments. Each of our Dynamic Simulation Application Packages provides accurate, real-time I/O updates to control system simulators. The individual process reactors, separation equipment, pumps, compressor, and piping are rigorously modeled using Mimic’s Advanced Modeling Objects. The dynamic simulation consists of real-time, dynamic, first principles unit operation models configured and tuned to respond closely to the actual operations of the plant.

The application packages available for the petrochemical industry are:

In addition, Control Global published a case study in July 2015 , documenting the use of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation at US Nitrogen in Ammonia plant simulation shortens ramp up, improves training.

Mimic Application Packages include an advanced Instructor screen for operator training like this one for the Methanol to Propylene (MTO/MTP) process.

These application packages are proven to help petrochemical plant operations optimize their automation platform and address their operator training needs.

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Mart Berutti, 02/12/16