Mimic - Control Magazine Reader's Choice for Testing and Training
By Martin Berutti on 01.20.10
Mimic Simulation

Control Magazine 2010 Reader's Choice Awards are published and the readers of Control like Mimic .

MYNAH Technologies was listed third under the simulation software category. MYNAH also received recognition as a small, agile, entrepreneurial organization in the company of automation giants in the article. Of the companies listed under simulation software, the smallest (except for MYNAH) has sales in excess of three hundred million dollars. All the other finalists have sales in excess of one billion dollars. MYNAH hasn't approached that level of business (yet). Thanks to Control Magazine for holding the awards, but a thanks as well to our users and the readers of Control that support us so loyally.

Simulation Software as a category for this survey is very wide. Of the companies mentioned, several make excellent products for plant design and steady-state modeling. One of the companies has a very intriguing product for factory planning and discrete production optimization. Emerson Process Management makes a premier product for control system emulation, DeltaV Simulate. In the list of vendors, MYNAH Technologies is unique, as the only supplier of a dynamic simulation platform for control system testing and operator training: Mimic Simulation Software.

Mimic is different than the other simulation products mentioned in the Reader's Choice award in three important ways:

  • Mimic is built for Software Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Operator Training Systems (OTS). Mimic is built with a Simulated IO system that is non-intrusive to the off-line control system , allowing the user to minimize or eliminate changes to his control system configuration. Mimic is designed as a companion package to the off-line control system so that it protects the integrity of the off-line system. Mimic ’s Operator training management system allows the user to build structured, measurable, recordable operator training sessions.
  • Mimic is easy to use. It was designed for use by the end-user or integrator with process automation experience, not simulation experts. Integration with the off-line control system is simple and automatic with Mimic . Mimic simulation utilities generate a complete low fidelity simulation from the control system database as a starting simulation point.
  • Mimic is Flexible, Powerful and Dynamic. Mimic can be scaled from very small simulations to very large ones in the same software license. Mimic is unique in that it does not dictate the level of simulation complexity to the customer. Mimic can be used to selectively apply simulation complexity depending upon the requirements of the process and the training or testing objectives. Mimic is a dynamic simulator. Modeling functions and objects in Mimic are designed to give accurate, dynamic simulations for a realistic operator experience at the off-line operator station.

These unique attributes of Mimic Simulation Software allow the users of Mimic to save time and money on their automation capital projects and improve the performance and reduce the risk of day-to-day plant operations.

We would like to thank again the staff at Control Magazine and ControlGlobal. We know them well and appreciate what they do for the automation industry. We would also like to thank their readers. To be listed in this category every year is a great honor for us.

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