Mimic - Dynamic Simulation for Schneider Electric PLCs
By Martin Berutti on 08.05.10
Mimic Simulation

We are proud of our long term relationship with Schneider Electric, as their dynamic process simulation partner for operator training and control system testing.

Our partnership with Schneider began in spring of 2002 when the Unity leadership team asked if we would be interested in developing a simulation offering for their upcoming release.  From the beginning of our development of Mimic our goal was to provide high-performance simulated IO (SIO) interfaces for all major control system vendors.  The offer from Schneider to work with them in the release of Unity has helped us reach that goal.  We were happy to be one of the charter members of the Unity partner program and in 2003 joined the Collaborative Automation Partner Program for Schneider Electric.  With the release of Mimic v3 in April 2008, we offered a new, updated Unity OFS SIO Driver and added the Modbus TCP/IP driver later that same year.

We are proud to be the dynamic simulation partner for Schneider Electric, providing solutions for control system testing and operator training for auotomation systems using Schneider PLCs.  In addition to the capabilities built into Mimic for process modeling, operator training, and control system testing, we offer two simulated IO drivers specifically for Schneider users.

  • Mimic Schneider Unity SIO Driver for Unity class PLC and UnityPro PLC Simulator using OFS v3.2 or higher and the OPC DA protocol.  PLC and PLC Simulator Located and Unlocated variables are allocated in the Unity SIO definition in Mimic Explorer and directly used in Mimic simulation models. Simulated IO definitions and a low-fidelty simulation tag database are generated from the UnityPro database using the Unity OFS Utility in Mimic.
  • Mimic Modbus TCP/IP SIO Driver provides real-time IO signal simulation for any Schneider PLC that supports the Modbus TCP/IP protocol.  This Simulated IO (SIO) Driver has been optimized to provide excellent performance with a wide range of devices using this protocol. Modbus TCP/IP registers are allocated in the Modbus TCP/IP SIO definition in Mimic Explorer to SIO Tags and directly used in Mimic simulation models.

A new product bulletin is available from Schneider Electric that describes the value to the Schneider user of the MYNAH partnership agreement and Mimic Simulation Software.  In addition, we offer a recorded E-Seminar that covers the topic, Architecting Simulation Systems for Schneider PLCs.

If you want to save time and money on your next Schneider Unity or PLC automation project, you need to consider Mimic Simulation Software for testing the automation system and training plant operators.

I look forward to your comments, questions, or suggestions.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Mart Berutti, 7/27/10