Mimic Virtual Training Class at Emerson Austin Ed Center - August 31, 2010
By Martin Berutti on 08.05.10
Mimic Simulation

Emerson Educational Services has announced another on-line Virtual Training Course for Mimic, starting August 31, 2010.

This course is one of the new V-Learning courses introduced by Emerson Educational Services. Based upon the proven Simulation with Mimic Course 7041, the V-Learning course allows the user to gain in-depth knowledge of developing DeltaV testing and training systems with Mimic. The course delivers value based instruction to your desktop via a virtual classroom with live instructor interaction and full access to DeltaV and Mimic systems. Achieve your training goals with Emerson Educational Services V-Learning while saving time and travel related expenses.

We strongly recommend this course and are very excited about the new Simulation with Mimic V-Learning school offered by Emerson Educational Services. Mimic Simulation Software for DeltaV Testing and Operator Training is a proven technology for saving time and money on DeltaV projects. The Simulation with Mimic school offers a step-by-step approach to using Mimic on capital projects or OpEx initiatives. Troy Nelson is an excellent, professional instructor with a deep, practical knowledge of Mimic and dynamic simulation.

Once again, Emerson Educational Services proves they are the industry leader in developing process automation knowledge in cost-effective, innovative ways.

Find out more about Emerson Educational Services V-Learning Schools.

View the course description for Simulation with Mimic Course 7041.

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