Mimic Voted #1 in Control Reader's Choice
By Martin Berutti on 01.10.12
Mimic Simulation

Control has published the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards and MYNAH Technologies was voted number one in the category of simulation software.

The Control Reader's Choice is arguably the most coveted award in the process automation industry. The winners of this survey, in most categories, are the top companies in process automation and to have MYNAH Technologies included in this company is very humbling. The publishers of Control, Walt Boyes and Keith Larson, take this survey very seriously and work very hard at making the results accurate and fair.

The providers mentioned in the Simulation Software Category in the Reader's Choice Awards includes many different offerings. One company mentioned makes an industry leading product for plant design and steady-state modeling, two of the other companies make a control system simulation product and use our MiMiC Simulation Software for their dynamic process simulation offering, and the remaining are our direct competitors. MYNAH is unique in this category. Our MiMiC Simulation Software was designed and developed for the Virtual Plant, incorporating a control system emulator with a dynamic process and IO model, that can be used for control system development and operator training. Operations managers in the process industries need the Virtual Plant and in their opinion from this survey, MiMiC Simulation Software delivers this solution. (See Business Case for the VIrtual Plant.) MiMiC users that have integrated the Virtual Plant into their control system management and operator effectiveness planning, have more highly automated plants and better trained operators. In this age of great operating challenges, plant operations needs new solutions to help survive. The Virtual Plant System using MiMiC Simulation Software is an enabling technology to address these challenges.

In our MiMiC v3.4 Release (available October 2011) we made the benefits of the Virtual Plant within the reach of more process industry users. MiMiC v3.4 Delivers the Promise of the Virtual Plant through:

  • Accurate Process Modeling Quicker. MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects make the implementation of dynamic, first principle, unit operations process models quick and easy. Because the MiMiC simulation engine is dynamic and real time, simulated IO signals to the control system respond like the real plant process and IO. In this latest release, the benefits of the virtual plant can be realized for less engineering time with better dynamic model performance.
  • Effective Operator Training Faster. The MiMiC Operator Training Manager allows operations managers to implement structured, repeatable, measureable operator training programs. Training scenarios with operator scoring, complete process snapshots of the virtual plant and off-line control system, and graphical instructor stations can be quickly and easily built. MiMiC v3.4 is a powerful tool that equips operations managers to plan for operator shortages and turnover.
  • Complete Control System Testing Easier. The current business climate forces process automation to perform with faster cutovers and better control performance from the first download. Control system testing is a critical part of the automation project but schedules are under pressure to compress further. MiMiC allows control engineers to test their automation system against a complete IO and process simulation without changing anything in the control system configuration. MiMiC Test Bench allows the user to develop automated tests of the control system that can be run unattended, allowing more complete system testing with less engineering time.

Thanks again to the staff at Control and their readers. To be recognized as the leader in Simulation Software is a great honor.

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Mart Berutti, 01/12/12