MYNAH #1 in Simulation Software - 2014 Control Reader's Choice
By Martin Berutti on 02.03.14
Mimic Simulation

Control has published the 2014 Reader's Choice Awards and MYNAH Technologies won the simulation software category for the third year in a row.

Once again, the companies in the runner-up positions are large companies, all ranking in the top 20 automation vendors listed in the December 2012 Top 50 Companies in Automation article. One of these companies does not have a dynamic simulation offering of their own and promotes our Mimic Simulation Software for their dynamic process simulator solution. Two of these large companies are our direct competitors that we battle in the marketplace everyday. Once again I am humbled by the trust and confidence given to us by the readers of Control. The Control staff noted, "But in the spirit of entrepreneurship, so central to innovation in the software space, a number of smaller software publishers have maintained an independent leadership role, notably ... Mynah Technologies in Simulation Software". We appreciate all the staff at Control Global does for the automation industry and this great honor.

However, it is really not a mystery why we do so well with the users of simulation software in the process industry. Most simulation software companies do not address the needs of operations in process plants. When I talk to our users their needs are simple. They want a dynamic simulation solution that is:

  • Easy to Use, Update, and Maintain
  • Built for Life Cycle OpEx Benefits
  • Real-time, Dynamic - Like their plants
  • Flexible and Available When and Where the User Needs It.
MYNAH, Control Reader's Choice for Simulation Software is a leader in delivering Life Cycle Dynamic Simulators

Delivering What Our User's Want

This is the focus of our product development, simulation consulting services, and application engineering. Focusing on what our customer want guides every aspect of our business at MYNAH.

  • Easy to Use - our Mimic v3.5 release was a breakthrough in ease of use in dynamic modeling. Major enhancement like the new Reactor Object and countless usability enhancements to existing Unit Operation Objects made building and maintaining dynamic models of process plants easier than ever before.
  • Life Cycle OPEx Benefits - MYNAH is determined to deliver practical dynamic simulation solutions for plant life cycle results. We have made this a major focus of our development and consulting efforts, focused on delivering OPEx benefits.
  • Real-time dynamic performance, like the real plant - it's what our users need to train their operators and develop world-class automation solutions. Everyone wants their simulator to be accurate but what most users really need is real-time, dynamic performance. No dynamic simulation solution delivers better real-time performance than Mimic !
  • Flexible and Available for ever changing plants requirements - our significant investment in virtualization technology has resulted in great results for our users. MYNAH is the world leader in the delivery of Virtual Dynamic Simulators.

Our thanks again to the Keith Larson, Paul Studebaker, and all of our friends at Control Global. But most of all, thank you to our Mimic users across the globe. Keep telling us what you need. You can be sure MYNAH will listen.

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Hope to hear from you soon.

Mart Berutti, 02/03/14