MYNAH Application Engineers - Excellence in Dynamic Simulation and Industrial Ethernet
By Martin Berutti on 06.02.16
Mimic Simulation

A key element of our success at MYNAH is the capabilities and dedication of our Application Engineering team. Under the leadership of Edin Rakovic (2015 Ab Initio), these talented professionals provide excellent support and consulting services for our customers across the globe.

Mart Berutti with Jay Chard, Jake Nichelson, Matt Welsh - Support Ticket All-Stars, and Edin Rakovic.

The MYNAH Application Engineering team is the first line of technical consulting and support for our customers across the globe. The professionals in this team handle a wide range of technical issues and applications including:

These guys move fast, measure their results, and make sure our users get quick, expert support. They are the cutting edge of MYNAH and support every aspect of our business.

Just this year, three members of the Application Engineering team achieved a new level of support for our customers in closing over 1000 support tickets. The three Support Ticket All-Stars that hit this mark, Jay Chard, Jake Nichelson, and Matt Welsh, exemplify the MYNAH core values of Integrity, Attitude, Innovation, and Excellence. I am very proud of these three talented engineers and very thankful they are part of MYNAH.

1000 Support Ticket All-Stars demonstrate exceptional levels of professionalism and customer commitment.

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Mart Berutti, 06/02/16