MYNAH at Emerson Exchange 2010, September 27 to October 1, San Antonio, Texas
By Martin Berutti on 08.17.10
Mimic Simulation

We hope to see you at Emerson Exchange 2010, September 27 to October 1, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas.

Emerson Exchange is one of the premier networking and idea exchanges in the process automation industry.  This year is promising to be the largest yet with more advanced technology, user workshops, and opportunities to learn and grow than ever before.

Our MYNAH team will be staffing booth number 19 at the technology exhibit.  We will be proudly showing:

We will also be supporting Emerson's Migration and Modernization exhibit, where they will be demonstrating integration and migration solutions for DeltaV including:

We hope to see you at the workshop presented by our Director of Operations, Todd Anstine:

  • The DeltaV VIrtual Power Plant, Session ID 03-426 - A power plant in the midwest needed to train new operators and qualify existing operators without effecting the operation of the plant.  Working together with the Emerson local business partner we delivered a dynamic simulation of the power plant that allowed them to train and qualify operator safely, off-line. Tues 3:00 PM and Thu 3:15 PM.

Other workshops and short courses that I plan on attending include:

  • DeltaV Virtualization – Real Today, A Reality Tomorrow, Session ID 04-110 - This presentation examines DeltaV virtualization for engineering design, simulation, testing, training, and future on-line operation.    A virtual computing platform enables running multiple DeltaV workstations and control nodes from a common host computer, and significantly simplifies software installation and maintenance.     An overview of virtualization will be presented followed by practical DeltaV applications available today, and future applications of tomorrow. Tues 1:00 PM and Thu 1:15 PM.
    Mark Nixon is a lead architect for DeltaV.  John Caldwell is the product manager for DeltaV Simulate.  These two know what they are talking about.
  • Interactive Exploration of Process Control Improvement, Session ID 08-205 - The minimization of peak and integrated errors from disturbances are important for key performance indicators (KPI) such as quality, yield, on-stream time, and environmental costs. This short course will show how controller tuning, cascade control, the PIDPLUS algorithm, wireless refresh time, analyzer sample delay, sensor lag, transmitter damping, and control valve sensitivity affect the errors from disturbances and KPI. The attendees will be able to explore process control opportunities via an operator interface to a web accessible virtual plant designed to quantify improvements for loops and unit operations. Wed 8:00 AM and Thu 10:00 AM.
    Greg McMillan, Modeling and Control, Advanced Control Consultant for Emerson and Simulation Consultant for MYNAH, and Jack Ahlers, Process Control Specialist at Monsanto, are on a mission to improve the operation of the process industry with process control. 
  • Human-Centered Design of Operations: From the Inside Out, Session ID 07-529 - Often the term 'human-centered design' (HCD) is used only when companies discuss automation. However, effective HCD for operations is more than designing 'user-friendly' automation. HCD applies to the design of the operations organization and work processes, console job complexity, field operator utilization, the alarm system and DCS operator interface, the console and control room, individual and team training, and the procedure system. For all of these, HCD involves identifying the proper requirements, iterative design with end users, and effective lifecycle work processes. Wed 10:00 AM and Fri 8:00 AM.
    I don't personally know Dal Reising and Peter Bullemer, but the subject of Human Centered Design is very important to plant operations managers.
  • DeltaV Development Systems in a Virtualized Enviroment, Session ID 04-168 - The power of today’s servers are well beyond the demand of most DeltaV systems.  The currently shipping DeltaV rack mount server has more than enough computing power for a development system, not just a ProPlus.  Through the use of virtualization on DeltaV development systems a significant reduction of hardware costs can be realized without sacrificing performance.  The additional ability to snap-shot the system before making software patches allows quick recovery if a problem develops. Tue 9:00 AM and Thu 9:00 AM.
    Scott Thompson, Robert E Mason, is a super engineer that is always on the cutting edge of engineering work practices. 

If you are attending Emerson Exchange please drop by our booth or look for Todd Anstine, Edin Rakovic, or me. We would love to talk to you about Dynamic Simulation, Industrial Ethernet integration or your plant's specific operational requirements.

Looking forward to seeing you at Emerson Exchange 2010.

Mart Berutti, 08/17/10