MYNAH at Emerson Exchange 2015- Denver, CO
By Noelle Weymer on 09.30.15
Mimic Simulation

Emerson Exchange 2015 is right around the corner and we hope to see you in Denver!

The MYNAH team will be at booth #108 at the technology exhibit and we will be proudly showing:

MYNAH Workshops at Emerson Exchange

Leaving the Kids in Charge…Building Effective Technology Teams using Younger Professionals (5-5424)

Like many growing technology companies, MYNAH has had to deal with the question of how to staff to support its growth with limited experienced talent available. To meet our business growth needs we developed an aggressive program of finding, attracting and quickly growing the skills of young engineers. The program works! We will discuss our steps in getting to this point with our organization, the practices we use to hire and build our teams, the role of senior mentor engineers, the strengths of millennial engineers and the culture to succeed.

Mart Berutti, MYNAH Technologies

Tuesday, Oct. 13 @ 1:00pm in Room 205
Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 1:15pm in Room 603

Preparing the Next Generation of Ethylene Operators (1-6001)

With the advancement of modern automation technology, the ethylene industry has seen significant growth. Unfortunately these advances present their own challenges. Operators are now responsible for much larger process areas and must learn to interface with a complex control system. Through a case study of a recent ethylene project, we see how operators can be successfully trained in an engaging and safe environment through the use of Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation.

Zach Sample, MYNAH Technologies

Tuesday, Oct. 13 @ 9:00am in Room 111
Thursday, Oct. 15 @ 1:15pm in Room 111

Critical Techniques to Prevent Process Instability (1-6024)

While it is well recognized that too large of a controller gain can cause excessive oscillation, not understood or addressed is the creation of nearly undamped slow process cycling and in some cases a growing instability from too small of a controller gain. This window of allowable controller gains and an associated low reset time limit has caused most gas pressure and liquid composition, level, pH, and temperature systems to continually cycle. Test results show the cause and solution for this pervasive problem of created process variability and potential risk for unsafe operation.

Greg McMillan, MYNAH Technologies

Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 3:15pm in Room 301
Thursday, Oct. 15 @ 9:00am in Room 605

Other Workshops from Mimic Users

Virtual Training On-Demand - Virtualization and Simulation Combine for On-Demand Operator Training (1-5470)

As Lubrizol's operators near retirement age, oftentimes they are replaced with ones having little to no experience. The unit trainers responsible for training operators needed access to high quality simulations that would not interfere with production. Therefore, virtual machines licensed with DeltaV Simulate Pro were loaded with generic and unit-specific simulation models providing on-demand access for operator training. New operators were able to operate a similar DeltaV system and gain valuable fundamental knowledge while experienced operators improved their troubleshooting skills.

Shannon Jistel, Lubrizol

Tuesday, Oct. 13 @ 1:00pm in Room 401
Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 8:00am in Room 503

Virtualized DeltaV Version 12.3.1 Upgrade (1-5616)

This session will be used to explain the virtualization and upgrade of a DeltaV PCS at Emergent BioSolutions Inc. in Lansing, Michigan. This system was upgraded alongside upgrades to a Mynah Mimic system, seven Allen-Bradley PLC skids and a Siemens Building Management System (BMS). A Mynah Mimic simulation system was also upgrade and virtualized. Redundancy was added at various levels to increase system reliability and stability in batch operation and data collection. OPC communication between DeltaV and BMS were redesigned after OPC Mirror failovers caused BMS OPC Server to fail.

Kevin Kemp, Emergent BioSolutions & Chase Poole, Cornerstone Controls

Thursday, Oct. 15 @ 8:00am in Room 604
Thursday, Oct. 15 @ 3:15pm in Room 207

If you are attending Emerson Exchange, please drop by our short courses and/or booth #108 in the technology exhibits. We would love to talk to you about Dynamic Simulation, Industrial Ethernet integration or your plant's specific operational requirements.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Denver!

Best Regards,