MYNAH at Emerson Exchange 2016
By Noelle Weymer on 10.20.16
Mimic Simulation

Emerson Exchange 2016 is right around the corner and we hope to see you next week in Austin!

The MYNAH team will be at booth #331 at the technology exhibit and we will be proudly showing:

MYNAH/Mimic Workshops at Emerson Exchange

Dynamic Process Simulation...It's More than Just OTS (1-10758)

The use of dynamic simulation for control system testing and development and operator training is a proven method to increase the effectiveness of operation staffs and automation systems. Advances in the DeltaV Virtual Plant are reducing the time and investment required to get significant business results. This will cover advances in DeltaV Simulate, Mimic Dynamic Simulation, and virtualization that have made the promise of the Virtual Plant available to all DeltaV users.

Todd Jaco, MYNAH Technologies

Tuesday, Oct. 25 @ 2:15pm in ACC Room 15
Wednesday, Oct. 26 @ 10am in ACC Room 17A

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Improving Process Efficiency by Reducing Disturbances (3-10740)

The most disturbing disturbances are self-inflicted. The disturbances from outside influences raw materials and weather) and internally (surface fouling and catalyst activity) tend to be slow, giving time for the control system to react. The disturbances from automation systems and operations are often fast and frequent. Cyclic disturbances are key examples, creating abrupt changes in flows and posing additional problems in terms of propagation and resonance. We can track down and eliminate these disturbances by taking advantage of advances in modeling, valves, PID options and tuning.

Greg McMillan, MYNAH Technologies

Wednesday, Oct. 26 @ 1:15 in ACC Room 18A
Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 8:00am in ACC Room 9B

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Meet the Experts - Process Control Optimization (MTE-11230)

This session the expert panel members will explore the challenges that are often encountered when using traditional and advanced control techniques to optimize plant operations. The experts will discuss basic steps that they recommend be followed when addressing a control optimization project. Also, each panel member will present an application they have commissioned that demonstrates how process control techniques were used to optimize process operation. The presented control optimization projects will demonstrate how to achieve technical and economic objectives in various industries.

Greg McMillan, MYNAH Technologies
Terry Chmelyk, Spartan Controls
Mark Coughran, James Beall, Lou Heavner, Andrew Waite - Emerson
Jay Colclazier - CHS Inc

Thursday, Oct. 27th @ 1:15 & 3:16 in ACC Room 12B

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Batch Digester Control Migration to DeltaV Using SmartProcess Cook (1-10858)

The Harmac Pacific pulp mill near Nanaimo, BC, Canada migrated a legacy Foxboro control system in their batch digester area to DeltaV and modernized the controls using Emerson’s SmartProcess Cook as a framework. Mynah’s Mimic was used for testing and logic verification, while a combination Mimic/DeltaV Operator Training System (OTS) was used to train operators. By working together with Emerson and local business partner Spartan Controls, Harmac was able to implement the project on a compressed schedule by utilizing industry expertise, a proven configuration framework, and an OTS.

Keith St. Thomas - Nanaimo Forest Products, Ltd.
Matt Austin - Spartan Controls

Tuesday, Oct. 25 @ 10:00 in ACC Room 5C
Wednesday, Oct. 26 @ 3:15 in ACC Room 5A

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If you are attending Emerson Exchange, please drop by our short courses and/or booth #331 in the technology exhibits. We would love to talk to you about Dynamic Simulation, Industrial Ethernet integration or your plant's specific operational requirements.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Austin!

Best Regards,