MYNAH Holiday Party 2013 - Ab Initio, The Spirit of MYNAH
By Martin Berutti on 12.19.13
DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

On the evening of Friday, December 6, 2013, the men, women and friends of MYNAH celebrated another great year at the annual MYNAH Holiday Party at the Villa Farotto, in Chesterfield, Missouri.

As the leader of MYNAH, I had the honor of introducing new people, acknowledging significant milestones in the lives of our people, and recognizing a very important member of the MYNAH team. To follow are some excerpts from what I shared that evening.

Ab Initio, The Spirit of MYNAH

Welcome to the MYNAH Technologies World Headquarters 2013 Christmas party. Thank you for braving the elements to join us this evening. We are blessed with your presence and are excited to have you here.

Men, Women and Friends of MYNAH at the 2013 Holiday Party at Villa Farotto, Chesterfield, Missouri.

It has been a very exciting year for MYNAH in 2013 and I want to take a moment to talk about all the great things happening in our company. 2013 was an amazing year at MYNAH:

  • Our sales bookings were up 40% over the previous year.
  • We ran out of room, found a new home for our business, and will move in January.
  • We closed some of the largest and most successful projects of our history.
  • We released a new version of our Mimic software that again was a step change in capability and value for our users.

But, more exciting to me is something that I have noticed growing at MYNAH for some time now. I don’t know what to call it. It comes from our core values of Integrity, Attitude, Innovation, and Excellence, but even those terms fall short. It is a spirit, an attitude, of how we approach all aspects of our business. This spirit manifests itself every day in the incredible work:

  • Jim and Sean show a customer how to train operators in a complex operation the customer thought could never be simulated.
  • Adisa, Zach, and Ben deliver a gold processing model better than one of the leading gold processing companies has in their R&D center.
  • Don helps an integrator, building a solution for a large chemical company, go from complete failure to a solution that exceeds the customer expectation.
  • Pierce, Edin, Spencer, and Todd blow away a large food companies technical experts with a new modeling approach and then model a complete plant unit in a weekend.
  • Tom is asked by the lead controls engineer at a paper plant “how do you think we should operate this unit, Tom, you know it better than anyone here”.
  • Britney ships an order 15 minutes after receiving the PO and logs 100% on time shipments in the year.
  • Aimee blows away our goal (I never thought we would reach it) of a Mimic school per month.
  • Noelle stalks a trade editor and gets us awards from publications that we haven’t even heard of before.
  • A MYNAH employee stops an international flight to make sure a Mimic server makes it to Emerson Exchange on time.
  • Jake develops an integration strategy for one of the worlds largest oil companies and demonstrates it in our Chesterfield office. They fly in from the coast of Africa and the UK and ask if they can take Jake back with them.
  • After easily solving a difficult integration problem, a field engineer asks where he can buy Geoff Nash underwear. Geoff deserves superhero status, but our whole development team are superheroes in my eyes.

Amazing accomplishments from an incredible team. I have never been in an organization with more talent and dedication to meeting the customer needs in my career. These are only a few examples of the spirit of MYNAH I see every day.

Furthermore, there is one individual that I would like to talk about a moment for his contribution to MYNAH. He is truly a global expert in the field of dynamic simulation. He has authored numerous publications in technical journals. He has a PhD in Control Engineering and Chemical Process Control. He worked in academia at Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the Ukraine. He moved to the US in 1993. We were fortunate to find him and hire him in 2003. He has designed most of the Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects. His wife is an artist, one daughter is a pilot in the US air force, another a founding member of Yahoo. He has made a great impact on MYNAH and personally I have benefited so much by having him as a coworker, mentor, and friend. Of course, you probably know I am talking about Alex Muravyev.

Dave Sextro, Nobin William, Alex Muravyev, Ab Initio 2013, Mart Berutti, and Todd Anstine.

In science something is said to be ab initio (AB INISH EE OH) ", Latin for from first principles" if it relies on basic and established laws of nature. In our business at MYNAH we can say this term codifies our core values of Integrity, Attitude, Innovation, and Excellence. Ab Initio is the spirit of MYNAH. My friends, the MYNAH Management team would like to recognize Dr. Aleksandr Muravyev, Ab Initio 2013.

My wish for all the men, women, and friends of MYNAH is for a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mart Berutti, 12/19/13