MYNAH Holiday Party, Ab Initio 2016
By Martin Berutti on 12.13.16

For the last four years, the MYNAH management team has recognized one special MYNAH associate with the Ab Initio Award at our annual Holiday Party.

The MYNAH Holiday Party this past year was held on Friday, December 9, 2016, at Edgewild Restaurant and Winery in Chesterfield, Missouri. As we celebrated another year of blessing at MYNAH, I had the honor of introducing new people, acknowledging significant milestones in the lives of our people, and recognizing this very important member of the MYNAH team with the Ab Initio award. To follow are some excerpts from what I shared that evening.

MYNAH Associates and Friends at the 2016 Holiday Party, Edgewild Restaurant and Winery
MYNAH Associates and Friends at the 2016 Holiday Party, Edgewild Restaurant and Winery

Ab Initio 2016

When we talk about drive and perseverance, of attitude and integrity, of innovation and excellence, there is one person in particular that comes to my mind. I would like to talk about this person for a moment tonight …

In science something is said to be ab initio (AB INISH EE OH), Latin for "from first principles", if it relies on basic and established laws of nature. In our business at MYNAH Ab Initio codifies our core values of Integrity, Attitude, Innovation, and Excellence. This individual is a shining example of the spirit of Ab Initio. I first met Geoff Nash in January 2002. Geoff has an interesting education background with a BS in biochemistry from McGill in Montreal and a MS in Information Systems from Wash U. He was a software developer with controls background looking to get back to programming and we needed someone to build a new product for us. Geoff was well up to the task. He assumed the role of father of the PLC IO Interface and led it through the software, hardware development and some arts and crafts project along the way. When we entered the world of Industrial Ethernet Geoff was ready for that challenge too. He has become a global expert on Industrial Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, even FMC722. He is an incredible resource for MYNAH, our customers, and our partners. Geoff is just plain fun to work with. He is a quiet man with a great sense of humor. I have never seen him upset or in a bad mood. He is helpful and patient when any MYNAH associate asks for his help … and that happens a lot. His sense of responsibility and commitment is beyond reproach. We are very fortunate to have him on the MYNAH team and I am blessed to work with this gracious, talented man.

My friends, the MYNAH Management team would like to recognize Geoff Nash, Ab Initio 2016.

Larry Tietjen, Todd Anstine, Geoff Nash (Ab Initio 2016), Nobin William, Dave Sextro
Larry Tietjen, Todd Anstine, Mart Berutti, Geoff Nash (Ab Initio 2016), Nobin William, Dave Sextro

Our wish for all the men, women, and friends of MYNAH is for a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mart Berutti, 12/13/16