MYNAH Holiday Party and Ab Initio 2014
By Martin Berutti on 12.22.14
DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

On the evening of Friday, December 12, 2014, the men, women and friends of MYNAH celebrated another great year at the annual MYNAH Holiday Party at Edgewild Restaurant and Winery in Chesterfield, Missouri.

As the leader of MYNAH, I have the honor of introducing new people, acknowledging significant milestones in the lives of our people, and recognizing a very important member of the MYNAH team. To follow are some excerpts from what I shared that evening.

The End of Another Great Year at MYNAH

Welcome to the MYNAH Technologies 2014 Christmas party. We are blessed that you could join us this evening. It’s getting harder to find a room big enough to hold the growing MYNAH family. It’s very exciting for me to see all the old friendly faces and the new eager ones as well. I love MYNAH and love getting together with the men and women of MYNAH.

Men, Women and Friends of MYNAH at the 2014 Holiday Party at Edgewood Restaurant and Winery, Chesterfield, Missouri.

We hope you enjoyed our slide show showing some of the highlights of our people’s lives in 2014. It has again been a busy year and our people have been all over the globe. The men and women of MYNAH have been to China, most of Europe, the Middle East, all over the US and to the far north reaches of Canada. I am still trying to figure out why my trips to the Canadian Oil Sands fields get scheduled for winter, when the high temperature is -10 F, and the rest of the team gets to go when the afternoon temperatures are in the 70s. We’ll talk more about our exciting year in a minute but right now I want to recognize our guests and our new associates.
I would like to start by thanking our friends from Experitec joining us tonight:

  • Our CEO and the President of Experitec Larry Tietjen and his wife Christie. You may not know that the CEO is now a grandfather too. Larry and Christie welcomed their first granddaughter Olivia by their daughter Jennifer this fall.
  • Mark Franklin, Executive VP and GM, Experitec, and his wife Randi
  • Tim Mortenson, CFO Experitec, and his wife Paula
  • Jessica Tietjen, Legal Counsel and Talent Coordinator, Experitec, and her husband, Greg Huschka, Account Manager, Experitec, newlyweds in November
  • Ken Schibler, Project Manager Leader at Experitec, and his wife Mary
  • Maggie Recker, Contracts Associate and Legal Counsel, Experitec, and her husband Eric Toman, also married this fall.

And as long as we are talking about babies and weddings … MYNAH is a family and we always like to celebrate in the major life events of our people. While we did not get to celebrate in any nuptials of MYNAH associates in 2014, we are very excited for the upcoming wedding of Zach Sample and Falyn Smith in March 2015. The MYNAH family was blessed with the birth of Melissa and Tony Kerr’s little Olivia in March. And I am very excited about Edin and Alma’s upcoming first daughter due on February 28th. For as many young people as we have at MYNAH I should have more of these events to announce. Don’t worry, we’re not going to start setting goals in your personel development review, but please, give me something to talk about next year. Remember, we do know how to throw a rocking shower. Moving on …

We have been fortunate, once again, to add a number of talented, wonderful people to the MYNAH team in 2014. To support our growing simulation services business the following joined MYNAH as Simulation Project Engineers:

  • Adam Drees, MS Candidate ME, MS&T, January
  • Eric Moritz, BS Chem E MS&T, January
  • Rehman Fazeem, MS Chem E MS&T, January
  • Scott Richardt, BS Chem E MS&T, Abengoa, March
  • Truynh Tran, PhD Chem E MS&T, November

Our coop and intern program exploded to 14 great men and women in 2014. Our partnership with Missouri S&T has proven to be a great way to identify the future talent of MYNAH. In fact four of our coops will join us in January as full time MYNAH associates. They are:

  • Tim Schieffer, Chemical Engineering, MS&T, Simulation Project Engineer
  • Chris Stuart, Chemical Engineering, MS&T, Mimic Development Team
  • Sean Kilgore, Chemical Engineering, MS&T, Application Engineering
  • David DeVoss, Chemical Engineering, MS&T, Simulation Project Engineer

I am also proud that we are training and indentifying other future leaders of industry. Two of our past interns and coops, joining us tonight, will start with our friends at the Emerson Midwest Engineering Center, in January 2015:

  • Marsha Wisely, Chemical Engineering, MS&T
  • Kaitlyn Compton, Mechanical Engineering, MS&T

And one of our 2014 coops joining us tonight will be working in the growing North America Oil and Gas Industry. Hannah Jokish, Chemical Engineering, MS&T, will go to work for Linde in Tulsa after graduating in May 2015.

The uniqueness of our coop program is in the type of work, these young men and women get to do. It's not a watered down orientation program at MYNAH! We through them into a project very quickly and let them get real world experience. Sometimes, it gets a little too "real" Two of our Fall 2014 coops are just getting back from an excellent adventure at Eli Lilly in August, Georgia. Andy Fazio and Adam Nichols, both Chemical Engineering undergrads at MS&T have spent the last month of their coop applying Mimic to support the system validation and improvement at our largest global customer. These two worked long hours supported multiple areas of the plant, using Lilly's investment in Mimic to improve their operations. Well done gentlemen!

2014 was a great year at MYNAH. Our orders were up almost 25% over the previous year and included our largest order ever. We finished some of the most successful projects in our history delivering significant business returns to our customers. We moved into a new, fantastic office … and are quickly filling it up. By the way, if you haven’t been to the MYNAH office … what are you waiting for? We love to have visitors, always have plenty of free soda and coffee and might have a baseball game or world cup match on the 120” TV, I mean presentation screen. And of course, in 2014, our development teams delivered more break throughs in our Mimic simulation software and Industrial Ethernet products.

But MYNAH is all about the people, and in 2014, our people, young and not so young, proved again to be an incredible group to work with and get to know.

Ab Initio 2014

In science something is said to be ab initio (AB INISH EE OH) ", Latin for from first principles" if it relies on basic and established laws of nature. In our business at MYNAH Ab Initio codifies our core values of Integrity, Attitude, Innovation, and Excellence. I would like to talk to you about one individual that truly displays the spirit of Ab Initio. He started with Munger Company in 1994 as an intern working for Nobin William on the development of SIMVOX, after getting his BS in Physics from Western Illinois University. His software development skills and intelligence were proven early and he earned Nobin’s explicit trust and confidence. In 2008 he stepped into the role of product manager for the upcoming release of Mimic v3, taking on the full responsibility for the development of the product. Under his leadership Mimic has grown to be the leading dynamic simulation platform in the world. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about Dean Cook. Dean is a great coder, a great mentor and a great leader. The Mimic team is a world class software development team under his leadership. He is always calm, cool, and his attitude and integrity are beyond reproach. He is results driven, innovative, and technically excellent. You may not know this about Dean but he is also one of the best public speakers I have ever heard.

My friends, the MYNAH Management team would like to recognize Dean Cook, Ab Initio 2014.

Larry Tietjen, Dave Sextro, Dean Cook, Ab Initio 2014, and Mart Berutti.

My wish for all the men, women, and friends of MYNAH is for a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mart Berutti, 12/22/14