MYNAH at Rockwell Automation's 2016 TechED
By Noelle Weymer on 06.12.16
Mimic Simulation

Rockwell TechED 2016 is here and MYNAH will be exhibiting and presenting the following:


The MYNAH team will exhibiting the following day from 7am-6pm

  • Monday, June 13th
  • Tuesday, June 14th
  • Wednesday, June 15th
  • Thursday, June 16th

We will be demonstrating:


MYNAH Simulation Solution Engineers will be presenting the following sessions:

PR27: Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation for PlantPAx® Operator Training

This presentation examines how the Mimic Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation for PlantPAx Operator Training was used during a recent DCS project at an ammonia plant. The new features were critical for the onboarding of new technicians and adoption by veteran operators.

Presenters: Todd Jaco (MYNAH Technologies) & Pierce Wu (MYNAH Technologies)
Location: Panzacola F2
Dates: Wednesday, June 15th (5-6pm) & Friday, June 17th (11am-12pm)

SY07: Leverage Virtual Design to Build a Better System

Virtual design can help to compress development cycles, accelerate time to market, decrease commissioning costs, and mitigate risk. This session will cover topics on concurrent development of electrical, mechanical, and control systems as well as power new operator training solutions available from Rockwell Automation and its partners. Change how you build your next automation system.

Presenters: Brian Siafakas (Rockwell Automation) & Todd Jaco (MYNAH Technologies)
Location: St. John's 24/25
Dates: Monday, June 13th (2-4pm); Wednesday, June 15th (11am-1pm) & Friday, June 17th at (10am-12pm)

If you are attending TechED, please drop by our sessions and/or booth and look for Pierce Wu, Todd Jaco, or myself. We would love to talk to you about dynamic simulation and your plant's specific operational requirements.

See you all in Orlando!

Noelle Hasser
Marketing Manager