MYNAH - The Users Choice for Dynamic Simulation
By Martin Berutti on 01.17.17
Mimic Simulation

I am very proud to say that MYNAH Technologies has been chosen as the leading solution for Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation, by two different industry surveys:

MYNAH - Delivering Proven Value with Dynamic Simulation

2016 was a challenging year for the process industries and technology partners like MYNAH Technologies. But while the industry was recovering from the drop in Oil and Gas prices and the uncertainty of global capital markets, we refocused our commitment to deliver the value of Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation to the process industries. Our product development, project engineering, and application engineering teams increased their drive to understand the customer and deliver to their requirements. Our commitment to the goal of reducing the cost and time to Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation to the process industries has never been stronger. And our goal to deliver greater operational value and extend the benefits to new users and industries is still our number one priority.

Over the past year the MYNAH team has helped customers improve their process control design, reduce regulatory costs, address operational and process safety issues, and, of course, train operators by delivering Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation. Our users are budget and time challenged but know that a partnership with MYNAH delivers proven business benefits without wasting their time or money.

2017 Reader's Choice Award
Since 2005, MYNAH Technologies has won the Simulation Software category in Control Reader's Choice Award ten times including the last six years in a row.

Mimic - the Leading Platform for Life Cycle Results

With every release of Mimic Simulation Software, our development team delivers usable technology for reducing the cost and time to deliver greater value and extend the benefits to new users and industries. In the recent Mimic v3.6.3 release the focus was on improving dynamic simulator performance. Mimic v3.6.3 includes new functionality for better process data viewing and model performance, opening up new benefits to new industries. But, the Mimic development team is not finished! In 2017, they are working on major enhancements to unit operation modeling in Mimic, revolutionary approaches to training operators, and tools to make the maintenance of dynamic simulation automatic. This continuous drive to provide high performance process modeling in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, that integrates automatically with the process control simulator, should keep Mimic Simulation Software firmly as our user's choice and on their first team for Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation.

2016 Leadership in Automation
MYNAH Technologies is recognized as an industry leader in the Simulation & Modeling Software category in Automation World's 2016 Leadership in Automation Program.

Our thanks to all of our friends at Control Global and Automation World. But most of all, thank you to our Mimic users across the globe. You have our commitment that we will keep listening to your operational needs and focus on delivering to those needs.

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Mart Berutti, 01/18/17