MYNAH Voted Simulation Leader by Automation World
By Martin Berutti on 01.19.15
Mimic Simulation

Automation World published the results of a 2014 survey of their reader's choice of "first team" suppliers and MYNAH was honored as a leader in automation in the simulation software category.

Jim Chrzan and the editorial team at Automation World, leading voices in the automation industry, allow their users to pick their prefered suppliers in a number of categories in an open-ended, write-in survey over the entire year. You can see the full report at Leadership in Automation 2014: First Team Honorees. This unique approach they state "...can serve as a useful snapshot of current reader preference for certain suppliers in very specific technology categories." They continue "The fact that Leadership in Automation First Team Honorees—be they large or small companies—receive their recognition from a write-in survey is significant, because it demonstrates that respondents were not swayed by a list of names on a voting form that could direct votes toward specific companies." Voting for 2015 is already open. You can join in the voices at Please just remember your friends at MYNAH if you cast your vote!

MYNAH Technologies was honored as a leader in Simulation/ Modeling Software in Automation Worlds' Leadership in Automation 2014 First Team.

We are very thankful for this honor and being part of Automation World's first team. Of the suppliers mentioned in the Simulation/Modeling Software category, none are focused like we are on reducing the cost, risk, and complexity of plant operations with life cycle dynamic simulation. Our goal at MYNAH is to help plant operations reach this goal with less cost and time, realize greater business value, touching more users and industries. Our upcoming Mimic v3.6 is the result of years of development, customer feedback, and our drive to deliver more cost effective, better performing dynamic simulation. It is changing how the process industries can use dynamic simulation to improve plant operations.

Dynamic Simulation Leadership in Automation

Being part of Automation World's First Team is a great honor that we don't take for granted. To be an industry leader we have to continually improve our solutions, services, and value to your our users. Our goal of a better, more productive dynamic simulation platform, is extended further with our latest Mimic release. Mimic v3.6 provides a breakthrough in value to plant operations by addressing three critical platform goals:

  • Better Dynamic Modeling - Mimic v3.6 is the next step in our initiative to reduce the cost and time required to develop real-time, accurate dynamic simulations of process plants and includes significant enhancements to Mimic’s modeling library.
  • Faster, Easier, More Flexible Simulation - Traditionally building high fidelity dynamic models has been costly, complicated and time consuming. MYNAH’s goal is to reduce the time and cost of making this technology available to plant operations. Mimic v3.6 features significant enhancements that reduce the time and complexity of building and using dynamic simulations.
  • Better Plant Life Cycle Results - Mimic was designed for plant life cycle business results through easy integration with any control system simulator platform. In Mimic v3.6, this has been extended with the release of the ABB 800xA simulated IO driver. Usability enhancements to the Mimic Operator Training Manager, provides easier, intuitive development of operator training systems.
High Fidelity Dynamic Bioreactor model released in Mimic v3.6 extends the value of simulation to the Life Sciences industry.

Thanks again to the Jim Chrzan and the staff at Automation World and their readers. To be on the first team of automation suppliers in the Leadership in Automation 2014: First Team Honorees is a great honor.

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Mart Berutti, 01/19/15