Understanding the Essentials of Dynamic Simulation
By Martin Berutti on 03.28.14
Mimic Simulation

The editors of Control have published a great resource for the operations manager ready to invest in an operator training system or automation development system, An Essentials Guide to Dynamic Simulation.

With the new dawn of the process industry, it's time to apply dynamic simulation for operational improvement.

The value of using dynamic simulation in the process industries has been proven time after time. But not everyone is using a dynamic simulator who would benefit from one. Why don’t all process plants have a dynamic simulator? A key reason is that many simulation software providers do not address the needs of operations in process plants. The user then has to settle for incorrect technology decisions or project implementation methods that result in costly investments with deficient life cycle returns. Essentials of Dynamic Simulation provides a concise guide to technology and implementation decisions for this important technology.

The editors of Control expound upon essential topics for consideration including:

  • Life cycle application approach
  • How to evaluate process modeling methods
  • Best practices for solution implementation
  • Typical return on investment of dynamic simulation solutions

Our thanks to Keith Larson, Paul Studebaker, and the Control editorial team for publishing this guide to the application of this valuable technology.

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Mart Berutti, 03/28/14