What Our Users Want - Mimic v3.5
By Martin Berutti on 06.10.13
Mimic Simulation

Mimic v3.5 was designed, developed, and tested to meet our user's life-cycle dynamic simulation needs.

Software releases can be a risky business. Software products, by nature, can be easily changed, so survival is linked inextricably with continual improvement. But software releases are not always a positive experience for the user. How many times have you been lured into a new upgrade of a software product only to find it difficult to use? Or have software bugs and performance issues quickly made you forget about the features of a new release and left you wishing for the previous version?

What our Users Want

What our users want in our simulation software and software releases is relatively simple. In discussion after discussion with users of our Mimic Simulation Software I hear the same common themes. Our Mimic users and future users, want a dynamic simulation software platform that is:

  • Easy to use, update, and maintain
  • Available flexibly when and where they need it
  • Built to support the full plant life cycle requirements including control system development, testing, and optimization, operator training, operation and system documentation and validation.
  • Dynamic and real-time to support these life cycle requirements.

Our MYNAH product team has delivered a product that addresses these needs and many more with Mimic v3.5 Simulation Software.

Making It Easy

When we began the initial planning of Mimic v3 our goal was to deliver high performance dynamic simulation in an environment that was a step change easier than other offerings in the industry. Delivering easier comes from paying attention to the use case, counting mouse clicks, and finding ways to eliminate “no value add engineering” from the simulation development process. It also comes with dynamic unit operation objects that make simulation development easy. The Mimic v3.5 Reactor Object, based upon the Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Unit Operation, can be applied to a wide range of industrial kinetic and catalytic reactors. Configuration of complex chemical reactions is easy with the Reaction Assistant application, while the Reactor View application gives the user valuable insights into the dynamics and performance of his model. Mimic v3.5 includes seven other new Advanced Modeling Objects: Multi-Stage Steam Turbine, Surface & Jet Condensers, Vessel with VLE Pipe Delay, and Advanced Source and Sink. In addition, almost every other unit operations object in the Mimic Advanced Modeling library was enhanced based upon real world use case studies and feedback from Mimic users.

Mimic Reaction Assistant makes configuration of complex chemical reaction models easy.

In Mimic v3.5, user interfaces like Mimic Explorer, Simulation Studio, and Component Studio were updated to reduce the time required to do common tasks, including enhancements requested by our users and discovered in extensive use case studies. We even changed the software license enforcement system to a hardware license key that is more user friendly and virtual machine compatible.

Life Cycle, Multi-Purpose Simulation Support

MYNAH has always been a strong advocate of a life-cycle approach to dynamic simulation promoting the use for control system development as well as operator training. In Mimic v3.5, significant enhancements to our Instructor Station application, Component Studio, support the use of virtualization and mobility technology into operator training applications. In addition, updates to Mimic Test Bench make control system development and testing easier and more comprehensive. To support life cycle systems with multiple users, Mimic now has model version control in every Mimic system.

Mimic Component Studio Instructor Station on an IPad.

A key requirement of life cycle simulation is seamless integration with the off-line control system simulator. No simulation software offering does this better than Mimic. In v3.5, we released a new Simulated IO Interface for Siemens S7 users as well as updated Simulated IO Drivers for Emerson DeltaV Virtual SX users, and Rockwell PlantPAx users.

Dynamic simulation performance is a very important aspect of life-cycle simulation systems and it is very important at MYNAH. In Mimic v3.5, we extended our dominance of the real-time simulation market with the release of 100 msec model execution time for Advanced Modeling Objects. No other platform comes close to Mimic in delivering real-time, dynamic model execution.

Delivering a Quality User Experience

Our ISO9001:2008 quality management system extended into our software development several years ago and it is paying great rewards for our customers. We track defects and issues in every Mimic release and analyze the defects per opportunity (lines of code). Mimic quality metrics have improved on every release of Mimic. With the release of v3.5, we invested more testing hours than any other Mimic release, including a wide range of use case tests on Advanced Models. Our goal is to let the user to focus on meeting his plant operational goals, not on making his dynamic simulation software work.

Get Mimic v3.5 Today

If you are a Mimic user current on Mimic Software Support, you will receive your new license key shortly and can take advantage of the benefits of MiMIC v3.5. Thank you for your use of Mimic and please let us know what we can to make it even better address your life cycle needs.

If you are a process plant operations manager interested in receiving the business benefits that dynamic simulation can deliver, Mimic v3.5 is the simulation platform for you.

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I look forward to your comments, questions, or suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mart Berutti, 06/10/13