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Faster, Easier Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic 3.7.1

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Happy Friday! Keep up on the latest MYNAH news by "Liking" us on Facebook & following us on Twitter & LinkedIn! By Noelle Weymer on 10.14.11
To all Mimic users: Please join us at MYNAH's world headquarters, in Chesterfield, Missouri, from December 5-9, 2011 for Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training Course! By Noelle Weymer on 10.06.11
It is my pleasure to introduce Noelle Hasser, our new MYNAH Marketing Associate and the editor of the Latest Squawk on MYNAH.COM. By Martin Berutti on 09.27.11
Emerson Exchange 2011 is right around the corner and we hope to see you there on October 24-28, 2010 in Nashville, TN! By Noelle Weymer on 09.23.11
In the September 2011 issue of Control, Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner interview MYNAH's Alex Muravyev on the future of dynamic simulation in The Key to Process Knowledge and Sustainable Manufacturing. By Martin Berutti on 09.22.11
Please join us at MYNAH's world headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri for Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training Course, December 5th through 9th, 2011. By Martin Berutti on 08.03.11
In the February 2011 issue of Control, Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner continue their discussion of the virtual plant for operator training in Operators Unleashed. By Martin Berutti on 04.20.11
Thursday,  Feb 3, 2011: MYNAH is open again.  The storm has passed and luckily St. Louis missed the worst of it.   By Martin Berutti on 02.01.11