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Faster, Easier Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic 3.7.1

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One of the greatest challenges facing the chemical industry in North America is dealing with aging process automation infrastructure. By Martin Berutti on 11.23.09
Millions of dollars have been spent in the process industries in the quest for off-line simulation systems that duplicate the environment of the real automation system and process. This quest for the “virtual plant” has not always gone well. By Martin Berutti on 11.09.09
Mimic Advanced Modeling Packages are accurate, dynamic simulation functions and objects designed for operator training and control system development. By Martin Berutti on 10.26.09
Emerson Educational Services has announced on-line Virtual Training Course for Mimic, December 1, 2009. By Martin Berutti on 10.22.09
I think we have finally recovered at MYNAH from Emerson Exchange 2009 at the Gaylord Palms, Orlando, September 28 to October 2. By Martin Berutti on 10.20.09
The Life Sciences industry is quick to recognize and use key technologies that can reduce new plant capital project schedules or reduce variation and risk in the operation of the process. By Martin Berutti on 10.13.09
The development team at MYNAH continues to make significant enhancements to Mimic Simulation Software. By Martin Berutti on 10.01.09
CONTROL Magazine's Executive Editor, Jim Montague, and I discuss what plant managers need in order to successfully implement a dynamic offline operator training program. By Martin Berutti on 09.21.09