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Faster, Easier Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic 3.7.1

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As summer time rolls around once again, so does our crew of Interns and Co-Ops. This summer we welcome 11 interns and co-ops in four departments! By Noelle Weymer on 06.10.14
MYNAH Technologies is honored to be the sponsor of the Virtus Dynamica Chemical Engineering Student Award at Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of MIssouri, Columbia, and Washington University in St. Louis. By Martin Berutti on 04.24.14
The selection of the correct level of model complexity or simplicity is an important part of every dynamic simulation project. Two experts in process modeling Zach Sample and Don Sengur have teamed up to discuss the dangers in misapplying simplification to building dynamic simulation. By Martin Berutti on 04.15.14
The editors of Control have published a great resource for the operations manager ready to invest in an operator training system or automation development system, An Essentials Guide to Dynamic Simulation. By Martin Berutti on 03.28.14
Emerson Exchange- Stuttgart is just around the corner and we hope to see you next week! The MYNAH team will be at booth #1 at the Solutions Exhibition, and we will be proudly showing: By Noelle Weymer on 03.25.14
Here at MYNAH, we rang in the new year with 6 new staff members. By Noelle Weymer on 02.20.14
Control has published the 2014 Reader's Choice Awards and MYNAH Technologies won the simulation software category for the third year in a row. By Martin Berutti on 02.03.14
On the evening of Friday, December 6, 2013, the men, women and friends of MYNAH celebrated another great year at the annual MYNAH Holiday Party at the Villa Farotto, in Chesterfield, Missouri. By Martin Berutti on 12.19.13