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Faster, Easier Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic 3.7.1

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Rockwell's Automation Fair 2013 is quickly approaching and we hope to see you there next week in Houston! By Noelle Weymer on 11.07.13
Emerson Exchange 2013 is right around the corner and we hope to see you next week in Grapevine, TX! By Noelle Weymer on 09.26.13
New staff members seem to be a common theme in my blog topics and this one is not any different! This summer we have hired 3 new full time staff members and 6 new intern/co-ops. By Noelle Weymer on 06.25.13
Mimic v3.5 was designed, developed, and tested to meet our user's life-cycle dynamic simulation needs. By Martin Berutti on 06.10.13
Rockwell Automation's 2013 RSTechED is quickly approaching and we hope to see you in San Diego next week, June 9-14. By Noelle Weymer on 06.03.13
MYNAH at & R.E. Mason's User Exchange & Lakeside Process Control's Users Group Meeting this week. By Noelle Weymer on 05.06.13
As the use of Mimic spreads across the globe, so does the demand for Mimic Training. Instead of having you provide all the hardware, MYNAH is making it easier. We are using our capabilities in delivering Virtual Dynamic Simulators to make the training experience more productive and effective. As President/COO Mart Berutti puts it, "The age of cloud computing is here!" By Noelle Weymer on 02.20.13