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Faster, Easier Lifecycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic 3.7.1

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Emerson Exchange 2012 is right around the corner and we hope to see you there October 8-12, 2012 in Anaheim, CA! By Noelle Weymer on 08.09.12
After the first European Emerson Exchange in Dusseldorf, the MYNAH team had a 15+ hour travel day back home to St. Louis, MO. This gave us plenty of time to reflect on the previous 2 days at Exchange. By Noelle Weymer on 06.06.12
MYNAH at Control Dynamics Users Exchange & R.E. Mason's User Group this month. By Noelle Weymer on 04.26.12
Emerson Exhange- Dusseldorf is right around the corner and we hope to see you there on May 29-31,2012. By Noelle Weymer on 04.26.12
To all of our Mimic users, Just a friendly reminder to join us at the MYNAH headquarters in Chesterfield, MO from April 16th-20th, for a hands-on training course that provides in depth instruction on the use of Mimic Simulation Software for dynamic process simulation for control system testing and operator training. By Noelle Weymer on 03.26.12
The old practice of adding IO tiebacks and simulation into the control system configuration is still being promoted by some companies in the automation industry. It’s a bad direction for a process company to take and here is why. By Martin Berutti on 03.23.12
Control has published the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards and MYNAH Technologies was voted number one in the category of simulation software. By Martin Berutti on 01.10.12
Advanced Modeling Objects product bulletins have been updated for the Mimic v3.4 release. By Noelle Weymer on 01.05.12