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DeltaV Serial Card Hardware v5.6
By Tom Freiberger
Product: DeltaV Serial Drivers

This technical note describes how the DeltaV Serial Card hardware change affects driver versions.

DeltaV Programmable Serial Interface Card (PSIC) Series 2 hardware version 5.6 requires drivers that have a version number of 1.55 or later. The new v1.55 drivers can still be installed on previous series 2 hardware.

The v1.55 serial drivers require that DeltaV 10.3 or an upgraded Stand Alone Controller Upgrade utility be used to install them on the card. The Controller Upgrade program included with DeltaV prior to 10.3 is not capable of installing the v1.55 drivers.  Once the driver is installed, the PSIC can be used on any DeltaV system that supports series 2 hardware.

DeltaV PSIC hardware v5.6 has a part number of 12P2506X052 Revision F on the sticker on the bottom of the unit. Previous hardware version (v4.5) has a part number of 12P2506X042 Revision E or earlier on the unit.

PSIC Hardware Version Part Number Minimum Driver Version Required
5.6 12P2506X052 Rev F 1.55
4.5 12P2506X042 Rev E 1.10

The DeltaV Serial Card Driver Current Documentation page lists all seriall card drivers and their current manuals.