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DNP3, IEC60870, & IEC61850 Integration to DeltaV
By Martin Berutti
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

This purpose of this technical note is to discuss Industrial Ethernet integration options for DNP3, IEC60870 and IEC61850 with DeltaV.

DNP3, IEC60870, and IEC61850 are commonly used communication protocols for electrical switch gear. They are seldom used for process applications but are common in the utilities application for SCADA systems. Devices that use these protocols can be integrated with DeltaV using the Virtual IO Module Network Gateway and the Modbus TCP/IP driver and a gateway device that supports Modbus TCP/IP and one of the protocols. Many of these gateway devices will allow you to use multiple switchgear protocol.

A recent web search turned up the following vendors for Modbus TCP/IP gateways to DNP3, IEC60870, and IEC61850.