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Mimic v3 Upgrade Procedure
By Sean Kilgore
Product: Mimic Simulation

This technical note describes the steps required to upgrade Mimic v3.

Mimic Upgrade Procedure

  1. Download the Mimic installation executable (Mimic v3.x.x.x Setup (32/64-bit).exe) from the appropriate Site ID page or the Download Center to the PC on which Mimic is installed
  2. If special permissions are used for any Mimic Services (usually required when using OPC communications), record the current logon usernames for Mimic OPC Bridge and Mimic Operator Training Engine. This information can be found in the Services control panel (Start -> Run and type "services.msc").
  3. Save all work, then close all Mimic Applications and stop all Mimic Services (Start -> Run and type "Stop all Mimic Services and Applications")
  4. Run the Mimic installation executable
  5. Follow the installation Wizard prompts, installing prerequisites as needed
  6. During the installation, a prompt will be shown to set login information for Mimic Services. This information should be set according to the information recorded in Step 2
  7. Finish the Mimic installation and launch Mimic Explorer
  8. Launch Mimic Explorer and follow prompts to backup database and upgrade for the new version of Mimic