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Mimic Simulation Software Overview
By Martin Berutti on 08.26.09
Product: Mimic Simulation

Mimic is the first third-generation simulation software for the process control industry. It is graphical, flexible, powerful, and dynamic . . . the proven solution for process automation system Software Acceptance Testing & Operator Training.

Mimic is a proven Solution for:

  • Testing automation system application software during capital projects
  • Testing automation system enhancements and additions
  • Training operators before startup of new units
  • Retraining and qualifying operators on existing operations
  • Reducing process and safety risk from the automation system
  • Meeting the validated industries’ testing requirements

Mimic Simulation Advantages

Mimic was designed for Software Acceptance Testing and Operator Training Systems. Mimic provides:

  • Non-intrusive simulation interfaces that require minimal control system changes
  • Integrated Operator Training Management
  • Control system integrity

Unlike other process simulation applications, Mimic is easy to use. It was designed with the end user and integrator in mind. Mimic is a shrink-wrapped configurable product that includes:

  • Automatic integration with control system
  • Auto-generation of simulation database

Mimic is flexible and dynamic, yet extremely powerful with many valuable time-saving features. Mimic advantages include:

  • Scalable from small to large applications
  • Selective application of simulation models
  • Dynamic, accurate modeling functions
  • Easy-to-use high-fidelity simulation objects and functions

Mimic: Built on the Latest Technology

A third-generation simulation product, Mimic incorporates all of the latest software and computer technology for speed, compatibility, and universality:

  • .NET Graphical User Interfaces
  • XML data exchange
  • OPC DA access and integration for all data
  • IEC function block simulation objects
  • MS SQL Server Open Database
  • Scalable, multiprocessor support
  • MS Remote Access and Server Support
  • Mimic: Graphical, Flexible, Powerful, and Dynamic

Mimic was designed with the end user and integrator in mind, based upon extensive user feedback and industry experience of MYNAH engineers.

Mimic Explorer

Complete management of the simulation environment from one .NET window:

  • One-click start/stop of simulations
  • XML import/export of any system components
  • Integrated update and support notifications
Mimic Explorer - .Net window to the simulation database

Mimic Simulation Studio

Graphical development of simulation models using IEC1131 function blocks:

  • Offline and online viewing of all models
  • Automatic unit conversions
  • First principles modeling functions
Mimic Simulation Studio - process modeling in IEC1131 function blocks

Mimic User Views

User-configurable views of dynamic Mimic or OPC data:

  • Data View - Tabular Views of simulated IO, or process model data
  • Data Monitor - Dynamic trends of Mimic and OPC Server data
  • Component Studio - Dynamic graphical process flow diagrams of Mimic and OPC Server data
Mimic Data View - Configurable, Dynamic Simulated IO and Model Tables

Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects

Dynamic, high-fidelity unit operations modeling objects:

  • IEC1131 Simulation Function Blocks
  • Powerful data visualization tools
  • Easy to implement, quick to tune
High-fidelity boiler simulation in Mimic Simulation Studio

Mimic Operator Training Manager

Tool to develop structured operator training systems:

  • User-configurable scenarios, malfunctions, training events
  • Integrated session scoring and student evaluation
  • Process SNAPSHOT Freeze/Save/Restore controls
  • Simulation Speedup / Slowdown controls
  • Training session reports in Rich Text Format, XML, or PDF format
Operator Training Instructor Screen with Mimic OTM controls in Mimic Component Studio

Mimic technology and architecture make the development of dynamic simulations easy and intuitive. Mimic offers greater return than competitive solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Mimic System Capacities and Requirements

  • Simulated IO Tags Per System – 1000 to 30,000 (1000 SIO Tags Increments)
  • Runtime Simulation Nodes Per System – 32
  • Defined Simulation Nodes Per System – no limit
  • Simulated IO Tags Per Node – 20,000
  • Remote Terminal Sessions for Mimic Server – 10
  • Operating Systems Supported - MS Windows XP, SP2, MS Server 2003 SP2, MS Server 2008

Mimic Ordering Information

Mimic is licensed on a per-computer basis dependent on the number of Mimic SIO Tags required, starting with 1,000 SIO Tags Base License up to a large license with 30,000 SIO Tags. One Simulated IO (SIO) driver is included with the base license. Additional SIO drivers can be ordered as software options.

Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects can be licensed per the SIO Tag Base License. Advanced Modeling Objects provide powerful tools for the development of dynamic, accurate simulations in an easy to implement environment.

Other software options like the Mimic Operator Training Manager or Mimic Server can be added to the system as required. All base software licenses come with one-year of Mimic Software Support, starting from date of shipment. Mimic Software Support should be purchased each year to stay current with support, upgrades, and new releases.

SIO Drivers and Automation System Platforms Supported

SIO Driver


Automation System Platform Supported


DeltaV Railbus SIO Driver

Direct IO Simulation for DeltaV MD, MDPLus, MX Controllers


DeltaV Simulate OPC SIO Driver

DeltaV Simulate Standalone and Multinode


Modbus TCP/IP SIO Driver

Schneider PLCs, Any Modbus TCP/IP Process Controller


Schneider Unity (OFS v3.2 or higher) SIO Driver

Schneider Unity PLCs and Soft PLCs


HIMA Soft PLC Visualization Gateway SIO Driver

Hima Soft PLC Visualization Gateway


Ethernet/IP SIO Driver (Rockwell PLCs only)

Rockwell PLCs


DeltaV SIS SimulatePro OPC SIO Driver

DeltaV SIS SimulatePro Standalone and Multinode


Open OPC Client Driver

Any Off-Line Automation System with an OPC Server


Previse Infi90 / Net90 Simulator SIO Driver

Previse Infi90 / Net90 Simulator

Reaping Substantial Business Benefits and ROI with Simulation

Substantial return on investment in simulation systems has been proven across all process industries from batch to continuous processes. The improvements manifested in a third-generation system are even more profound.

Savings result from identifying and correcting automation system errors in a low-cost, off-line environment prior to system startup and commissioning and also from identifying sleeping errors or inadequacies in the automation system application software.

Identifying and Correcting Errors Offline Saves 10-100 Times the Cost

The cost of investment in office space, simulation hardware, software licenses, and engineering costs for the off-line simulation system is a fraction of the infrastructure cost associated with a process facility.

In addition, identifying and correcting automation system errors in an off-line environment allow rapid testing and correction without halting plant operations, disrupting operations support staff, or jeopardizing safety standards. Offline identification and correction of errors in an off-line simulation system cost 10-100 times less than in the online plant.

Simulation Minimizes Risk

One of the greatest risks of automating a process facility is the quality of the automation system application software. Without using a simulation system, the user has no ability to test the application software thoroughly before actual start-up and production. By testing the automation system with a simulation system for normal, abnormal, and upset conditions, the user can verify that the application software has been designed and implemented to meet the functional needs of the process

Mimic Simulation Software: The Proven Solution

Using simulation for testing and training for automation systems has proven benefits for capital project execution (CAPEX) and operational excellence (OPEX) initiatives. Mimic is the proven solution to deliver significant results with minimal risk and investment.