MYNAH Training Academy

There are two options for you to learn to use our products better and strengthen your competencies in dynamic simulation.


Online Mimic Training - e7601

These self-paced online lessons and workshops provide the flexibility needed to set your own tempo on your own schedule.

Each segment is designed to be taken in small increments at your own pace.

Introduction This section details navigating the various applications in Mimic and getting your system installed and prepared for use.
Simulated IO Drivers This section lays out the setup procedure involved for the most of the Simulated IO Drivers.
Standard Modeling This section demonstrates how the Simulation Studio application and the Standard Modeling function blocks are used to create discrete and analog models.
Advanced Modeling This section guides you through the Advanced Modeling Blocks and how to configure them as unit operations.
Utilities This section dives into the various time-saving utilities that allows much quicker and more quality simulation building.
Operator Training This section shows how to use the Operator Training Manager tools including building training scenarios as well as operator and instructor screens.

The above order is recommended, but not required, as users can move around freely, repeating lessons if desired.

Live, Instructor-Led Classroom Training

In these courses, you will have access to Application Engineers and Simulation Project Engineers who use real-world examples to help you implement Mimic to your specific needs. You will be equipped to realize the full capabilities and achieve life cycle results from your Mimic system.

Dynamic Simulation with Mimic - 7601
This course focuses on installation and setup, building low and medium fidelity models, complete integration with a control system for configuration or logic checkout, operator training and instructor graphics creation.
Industrial Ethernet with DeltaV VIM2 - 7610
Using real-world examples to help implement VIM2 to your specific needs, this course helps you realize the full capabilities and achieve understanding of all aspects of integrating a VIM2 Industrial Ethernet device.
Advanced Fluid Modeling with Mimic - 7602
Building on foundations introduced in the Dynamic Simulation with Mimic course, Mimic’s Advanced Modeling Objects are used to create high fidelity models of processes that contain both liquid and vapor in numerous unit operations.
Advanced Solids Handling with Mimic - 7603
In this course, Mimic’s Mining Advanced Modeling Objects are introduced and used to incorporate material balances and particle size tracking across models of processes that contain solids and slurries in a variety of different comminution and separation unit operations.
Custom On-site Training
In addition to the courses, custom on-site training courses are available to meet your application or system training needs.

These courses are offered in Austin, TX, USA.