Partnerships & Affiliations


Emerson Process Management

MYNAH Technologies is the dynamic simulation partner for Emerson Process Management Process Systems and Solutions Division. As a member of Emerson Process Management's Alliance Partner Program, MYNAH provides Mimic Simulation Software to DeltaV users worldwide. Mimic Simulation Software includes Simulated IO Drivers designed to interface directly with DeltaV Simulate. With Mimic, DeltaV users can test their control system and train plant operators with a dynamic, realistic simulation of their plant. [Read more]

In addition, MYNAH provides DeltaV Industrial Ethernet Drivers and DeltaV Serial Drivers to Emerson Process Management customers:

  • DeltaV Industrial Ethernet Drivers: MYNAH offers Industrial Ethernet Drivers operating on DeltaV Virtual IO Modules (VIM/VIM2s) that provide a native DeltaV IO interface to Industrial Ethernet networks and plant floor devices.
  • DeltaV Serial Drivers: MYNAH offers almost 100 unique drivers that provide read and write integration between the DeltaV system and other devices using the DeltaV Serial Interface Module.


The partnership between MYNAH and ProSys provides a unique offering of MYNAH’s Mimic Simulation Software and dynamic model engineering services with ProSys' operations optimization and training services. This partnership provides the process industries with unique offerings for certifying operators and improving operations effectiveness.

ProSys is the leading global provider of process control engineering services and solutions. ProSys provides global process control consulting services and software to the chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, pipeline, pulp and paper, refining and specialty chemical industries. Their expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology including basic control, advanced control, multivariable process control, dynamic configuration, alarm management and operator interface. [Read More]

Portage Technologies

MYNAH and Portage Technologies formed a strategic partnership to develop a complete mineral processing object library package for Mimic Simulation Software. Portage Technologies focuses on achieving operational excellence for the mining and metals industry. Combining fundamental metallurgical, control and instrumentation expertise, Portage works with a plant to understand their operational degrees of freedom, the requirements to measure them (instrumentation) and the best approach to manage and optimize. Solutions include operator training systems, innovative instrumentation solutions, unique control approaches and advanced control. The Portage team has worked at over 200 sites globally. Portage is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with operations in Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Chile.

Certifications & Affiliations

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