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Redundant VIM Integration with Redundant Triconex TCM Modules
By Adisa Shaljani
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

This technical note shows the steps for Triconex ESD network setup for redundant ModbusTCP communications with a pair of DeltaV ModbusTCP VIMs.

Triconex PLC can be configured with two TCM cards for redundant communications with ModbusTCP VIMs. For communication effectiveness, there are certain configuration parameters that need to be in place.

Triconex Configuration using TriStation

Step 1:

Using the Triconex TriStation application, open Tricon Controller and double-click on Configuration to display configuration parameters.

Click on TCM module to display its properties.

Step 2:

On the Network tab select 10 Mbps Half Duplex or Auto-Negotiate for both Left and Right TCM cards. Note that the VIMs communicate at 10Mbps Half Duplex. Alternatively, an Auto-Negotiate switch can be used between the VIMs and the TCM network ports.

Specify the IP address for both Left and Right TCM cards. In the following display, we are using NET 1 for the VIM communications.

Step 3:

Select the Modbus TCP tab and configure the Port Selection and Port Settings as shown below. In the Port Selection list, 16 ports can be configured. It is recommended that all 16 ports be configured. For each Port number, specify the IP address of the VIM as shown in the Port Settings group below. Configure the first 8 Port numbers (1-8) for VIM-A, and the remaining 8 Port numbers (9-16) for VIM-B.

By specifying an IP address, only the VIM with the given IP address will be able to communicate with this TCM. Multiple Port numbers allow multiple Ethernet connections to become available. This is a requirement for the VIMs, which open multiple network connections with each TCM. With 8 ports configured with the IP address of VIM-A, and 8 ports configured with IP address of VIM-B, both of the VIMs will be able to communicate with each TCM card as required in a redundant setup.

Lastly, duplicate this configuration for the Right TCM card. Both Left and Right TCM cards must have the same configuration.

VIM Redundancy Configuration

The Triconex network interfaces do no change IP addresses when a switchover is required, i.e., the same network address is always assigned to the same network card. To configure this behavior for the field device, select "Redundancy with No Switching IP" when configuring the device under the port in VIMNet Explorer, as shown in the screenshot below.