Applications for biotech and pharma deliver proven solutions for operator training and controls optimization.

Shortened Time to Market

Before patents expire, virtual experimentation allows engineers to quickly simulate thousands of batches, ensuring functional control strategies and reducing time to full production.

Improved Capacity and Efficiency

Simulation enables biotech firms to optimize control systems, enhance automations systems and tune loops to reduce costs by more than $1.5 million per year on validation and quality assurance support.

Superior Automation Systems

Virtual experimentation provides data in weeks that would involve years of process time. Less costly engineering runs, more revenue-generating production runs.

Knowledge Base

Mimic Dynamic Simulation for Power Boilers

The Mimic dynamic simulation application package for Power Boilers provides the complete environment for control system optimization and is an effective tool for teaching process and control engineers the use and design of process controls in industrial energy. By Scott Richardt

Mimic Dynamic Simulation for Chromatography Columns

Mimic dynamic simulation application package for Chromatography Columns provides a high performance solution for operator training and control system optimization. By Rehman Fazeem

Bioreactor Modeling Object

The Mimic Bioreactor Object is a rigorous first-principles, dynamic model of a bioreactor or fermenter designed for high-performance simulations for operator training, automation system testing, and operations and process improvement. By Martin Berutti

Business Case for the Virtual Plant

The Virtual Plant is proven technology allowing process plants to address operational issues and challenges. Read more

Configuring Devices with ModbusTCP

Creating I/O VIM placeholders, commissioning I/O VIMs, and creating device configuration Read more

Starting VIMNet Explorer and Commissioning VIMs

Launching VIMNet Explorer, setting VIMNet's network properties, detecting decommissioned VIMs, and commissioning simulation VIMs. Read more

Flash Upgrading VIMs

Requirements for flash upgrading VIMs, effects of flash upgrading VIMs, and how to flash upgrade VIMs. Read more

Configuring Datasets with ModbusTCP

Auto-sensing the VIM in DeltaV, creating a devices instance, creating a dataset, and viewing real-tim register values Read more

Control Strategies to Improve Process Efficiency and Capacity - Part 1

Greg McMillan begins his seminar on Control Strategies to Improve Process Efficiency and Capacity. Read more