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Current Revisions and Status for DeltaV Serial Drivers
By Melissa Kerr
Product: DeltaV Serial Drivers

The purpose of this technical note is to show the product status of all DeltaV Serial Drivers and the latest firmware and software revision of all released products.

MYNAH product life cycle is classified as follows:

Current Product - The most current system product offered, with published pricing, normal lead times, and complete support. These products are recommended for all new systems and major expansions. The release of product to Current Status marks the start of the ten-year product support commitment.

Maintained Product - These system products are generally not available for purchase and may have been functionally replaced by the most current product. Product support is available, but oriented to maintenance (i.e., replacement parts, repairs and field services) rather than system expansion. MYNAH reserves the right to extend the “Maintained Product” period beyond the ten-year product support commitment.

Retired Product - These system products are no longer available for purchase. Product support is limited, potentially slower and more costly, and subject to material availability. The transition to Retired Status marks the completion of the ten-year product support commitment.

Current Products Current Revision
IOD-1101 Foxboro 762c, 743CB, Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1102 Hardy HI 2151-30WC Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1105 ChemViewMX Process Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1106 RiceLake Weigh Scale Series 1 & 2 v1.56
IOD-1110 Roltes System Scancenter Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1113 ASCII for AB PL C2 & SLC500 Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1114 Rotork Pakscan Seeries 1 v1.55
IOD-1116 ASCII Read Series 1 v1.55
IOD-1117 & IIOD-1118 Julabo IKA Eurostar Series 1 v1.57
IOD-1120 ACME 6000 Driver Series v1.55
IOD-1123 Allen Bradley DF1 Simplex v1.63s
IOD-1124 Allen Bradley DF1 Redundant v1.63r
IOD-1125 RS3 Virtual IO Series 2 v1.56s
IOD-1126 Target Systems Series 4000 Gauge Series 1 v1.0
IOD-1127 ASCII 1600ES Series 2 v1.11
IOD-1128 Mettler Toledo Series 2 v1.56
IOD-1129 Siemens TI-Way NITP Series 2 v1.16
IOD-1130 Square D Symax Series 2 v1.58
IOD-1131 Isco D Series Pump Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1132 PreSens pH and dO Driver Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1133 Krohne Protocol Series 2 v1.20
IOD-1134 Enhanced Modbus Driver Series 2 v1.58
IOD-1135 Brooks Petrocount Series 2 v1.11
IOD-1136 Alphex Intrinsic Safety LCD 2 Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1137 SmartPass Tag Reader 2 Series 2 v1.0
IOD-1138 AB Guard PLC Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1139 SEG T3 Dosing Computer Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1140 Sartorius Weigh Scale Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1141 Barcode ASCII Read Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1142 Mettler Toledo ID7 Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1143 Enron Modbus S2 v1.55
IOD-1144 ASCII Print Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1145 Siemens 3964R Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1146 BBraun Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1147 Foxboro HTG Series 2 v1.59
IOD-1148 ASCII Compressor Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1149 AccuSort MinIX Series 2 v1.12
IOD-1150 Core Labs Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1151 GE 90-70 Redundant Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1152 GE 90-70 Simplex Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1153 Danload 6000 Series 2 v1.61
IOD-1154 Virtual RS3 IO Redundant Series 2 v1.13r
IOD-1155 Tinsley Precision Thermometer Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1156 Ascrion Weigh Scales Series 2 v1.56
IOD-1157 Measurex Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1158 Modbus RTU Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1159 Laude Cooling Thermostat Series 2 v1.12
IOD-1160 Heise Pressure Transducer Series 2 v1.12
IOD-1161 Keyence CV-2100 Preliminary v1.10
IOD-1162 AB ControlNet Redundant Series 2 v1.13
IOD-1163 Toshiba Tosline 520 Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1164 Watson marlow Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1165 Logika SPNetwork APC79 v1.10
IOD-1166 MTS Systems Gauge Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1167 YSI 2700 Analyze Driver Series 2 v1.57
IOD-1168 Milliliter Modular Syringe Pump Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1169 Reeltape Level Gauge Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1170 Allen Bradley 1774 v1.55
IOD-1171 Doric Mux Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1172 SEC-4100 Series 2 v1.11
IOD-1173 Limitorque Modbus v1.55
IOD-1174 Optichrom 2100 Series 2 v1.10
IOD-1175 Autrocon Autrosafe v1.56
IOD-1176 Moore-LTL v1.55
IOD-1177 Unipulse v1.11
IOD-1178 MTL646 ASCII v1.55
IOD-1179 Draeger Polytron IR 334 v1.10
IOD-1180 Turret and Tundish v1.10
IOD-1181 ABB 3100 Gas Chromatograph v1.56
IOD-1182 Auer/MSA Gas Detector v1.57
IOD-1183 DSI - smartPIMS Corrosion Monitor Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1184 Modbus 1P32DS v1.57
IOD-1185 Redundant Special Modbus v1.58
IOD-1186 ECMA-24 Driver Series 2 v1.56
IOD-1187 Horiba D-54 PH/Conductivity Meter Driver Series 2 v1.56
IOD-1188 Advanced Model 3250 Osmometer Driver Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1189 Mettler Toledo SevenMulti Analyzer Driver Series 2 v1.56
IOD-1190 Thermo Forma Incubator 310 Driver Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1191 Bell Ennium Magnetic Stirrer Driver Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1193 RMV9000 to DeltaV Serial Interface v3.2
IOD-1194 ChemTec Metering Pump Driver Series 2 v1.55
IOD-1195 Canberra Alpha Sentry ASM 1000 Programmable Serial Interface Card Driver v1.55
IOD-1196 NMEA 0183 Serial Communication Driver v1.59
IOD-1197 Omron I/O Driver (Series 2) Programmable Serial Interface Card v1.55
IOD-1198 Optical Scientific OFS-2000F Driver Series 2 v1.55
Maintained Products
IOD-1103 Enhanced Modbus Series 1
IOD-1104 Mettler Toledo Weigh Scales Series 1
IOD-1107 Virtual RS3 IO Series 1
IOD-1107 Virtual RS3 IO Series 1
IOD-1108 Bbraun Series 1
IOD-1109 Enron Modbus Series 1
IOD-1111 Allen Bradley Simplex Series 1
IOD-1112 ASCII Print Series 1
IOD-1115 Brooks Petrocount Series 1 & 2
IOD-1119 Smartpass tag Reader Series 1
IOD-1121 Modbus RTU Radio Modem Series 1
IOD-1122 Alphex Intrinsic Safety LCD Series 1

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The MYNAH Support Policy pertains to standard products manufactured by MYNAH Technologies. At times, the company may offer functional replacement products or refurbished parts in support of this policy. 3rd party products supplied by MYNAH or incorporated in MYNAH products may have a shorter support life. MYNAH will endeavor to qualify sources for 3rd party products based on suppliers' commitment to long-term support and product migration. MYNAH makes no statement of support or warrantee for 3rd party components. All support is provided directly by the supplier of these components.