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DeltaV Virtual IO Module Network Ports
By Sean Kilgore
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

The purpose of this technical note is to explain the network ports necessary for proper VIMNet Explorer communications to Virtual IO Module (VIM) hardware on the network.

VIMNet Explorer provides intuitive network setup for configuring MYNAH's VIM drivers. However, on networks where a Network Firewall blocks certain network ports, the communication from VIMNet Explorer to a VIM can encounter issues. Listed in the table below are the exact port numbers VIMNet Explorer and a VIM listens on and the origin ports of those messages. If any of the ports listed are blocked, VIMNet Explorer will not be able to properly communicate with VIM hardware. For more information on opening firewall ports, please refer to each firewall's documentation or contact your Network Administrator. Please refer to MYNAH Technologies' DeltaV Virtual IO Module Network Gateway knowledge based article for a complete description of VIM features, description, specifications, supported Industrial Ethernet protocols, and firmware ordering information.

VIMNet Explorer and VIM Network Ports

Listening Side Listen Port Number Send Port Number Protocol Description
VIMNet Explorer 51000 1024 UDP VIM report broadcasts
VIMNet Explorer 52001 52001 UDP VIM logging
VIM 51001 + [last octet of VIM IP address] (e.x., IP => Port 51020) Variable (Windows uses the next available port) TCP VIM upgrade commands
VIM 52000 + [last octet of VIM IP address] Variable (Windows uses the next available port) TCP / UDP VIM configuration commands
VIM 1024 Variable (Windows uses the next available port) UDP VIM report broadcast request

Recovering commissioned VIM

The Decommissioned VIMs List is populated based on periodic UDP messages sent automatically from all decommissioned and some commissioned VIMs on the network. When the Decommissioned VIMs List is refreshed manually, VIMNet Explorer sends a broadcast request to all VIMs to respond and, as shown above, this message originates from a variable port number on the PC running VIMNet Explorer. If this broadcast from VIMNet Explorer is blocked, commissioned VIMs that do not automatically report to VIMNet Explorer (ODVA and PROFINET) will not appear in VIMNet Explorer and cannot be recovered.

Industrial Ethernet Protocol Ports

The above information concerns only the communications between VIMNet Explorer and the VIM. Depending on the network layout desired, it may be necessary to understand the network ports used by each available Industrial Ethernet driver available from MYNAH. The ports used by each protocol are based on the specifications of each protocol and further information can be found in those specifications.

Protocol Port Number UDP/TCP Description
Modbus TCP/IP 502 (default, also user configurable) TCP Connection to each Modbus TCP/IP device
EtherNet/IP 44818 TCP Explicit Messages - UCMM(PCCC)
EtherNet/IP 2222 UDP Implicit Messages - Class 1/3
FMC 1201 (default, also user configurable/TPU) TCP Connection to each TPU


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