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Dynamic Simulation for System Integrators
By Pierce Wu
Product: Mimic Simulation

The proven best practice for automation system testing, including Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and operation procedure test, is to use a dynamic simulation integrated with the off-line automation system. Using this approach, FATs can be more thorough, less costly and less dependent upon plant availability. In addition, operating procedures can be tested and proven before the plant is operational ready.

System integrators benefit from using dynamic simulation for automation system testing in the following ways:

  • Build project team confidence by performing internal verification of customer’s control system configuration prior to the customer facing factory acceptance test.
  • Save customer significant time and money by providing early detection of hidden errors and issues that could delay unit startup or disrupt production before they impact the project or plant operations.
  • Provide more productive Factory Acceptance Test for project team. The use of Dynamic Simulation has proven to result in time savings of 20% or greater FATs.
  • Eliminating risks associated with removing IO or tieback simulation from automation system configuration by using a separate dynamic simulation
  • Increasing the revenue potential on the project by turning automation system testing simulation into an Operating Training System (OTS)


Dynamic simulation provides excellent returns for the life cycle operation of the process plant. Also, by using dynamic simulation for capital projects, the following additional business benefits can be realized:

Process control improvements can be developed, tested, and demonstrated to operations management without affecting the operation or production of the actual plant. Users report system startup savings of weeks or even months with returns of $500,000 to $5,000,000.

Training new operators on process operations, startup/ shutdown procedures, and hazardous or infrequent process occurrences can be accomplished without affecting the running process. Process plants run well and trip less resulting in operational savings of $1,000,000 per year or greater.

Evaluating new and experienced plant operations can be done on pre-developed training scenarios. Trained operators make fewer mistakes. Avoiding process plant upsets or shutdowns can save $500,000 to $1,000,000 per incident.

Process optimization and modification studies can be done on the dynamic simulator providing the process engineers with a tool that accurately models the process dynamics not seen in steady-state design models. Advanced control strategies are tested, tuned and validated off-line reducing operational losses of $100,000 - $500,000. Evaluating new operating procedures for different conditions can result in operational savings of 1-2% or $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 per year.

Process and regulatory documentation can be developed and tested on the dynamic simulator without impacting the operation of the process. One user claimed operations savings of $1,000,000 per year by using the virtual plant for regulatory documentation development


    MYNAH Technologies simulation solutions using Mimic Simulation Software provide unique value to plant operations and automation suppliers by our focus and support of the following key capabilities:

    Life Cycle Plant Support for Plant Operations, Automation Support, Regulatory Compliance, Safety and Reliability

    • Flexible, comprehensive operator training support with Mimic Operator Training Manager
    • Proven process control improvement support with Mimic Test Bench and Dynamic, Real-Time models
    • Best-in-class solution deployment due to MYNAH’s Virtual Architecture Leadership supports
    • Best real-time model performance with Mimic’s First principles unit operations objects and multi-threaded 64-bit architecture

    Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    • Fast solution deployment using concurrent model execution reduces cost and project time
    • Dynamic Core provides the highest performing, most cost effective solution for medium fidelity model deployment
    • Simulation generation utilities eliminate control system integration time
    • Non-intrusive simulated IO interfaces minimize cost of system updates

    Easy to Use & Maintain, Easy to Work With

    • Mimic is a shrink-wrap solution, ready to install and use
    • MYNAH’s world-class product support Application Engineering team
    • MYNAH ISO Registered Quality Process delivers better software and project experiences
    • Proven track record of working with services providers and automation partners

    Additional Mimic Information:

    For additional information, please contact MYNAH Technologies at or +1.636.728.0000.